Friday, July 28, 2006

This one's for the Texans!

Maddox's Mimi and PawPaw bought this for him and we finally put him in it! Isn't he so cute! He definately has a contagious smile too!!

These are some pictures we took last night of him in the bathtub. We wanted to compare them to the ones we took a while back to see how much he has grown. Wow! He is almost getting too big for the hammock in his tub now!! You can go back to the Splish Splash blog post to see pictures of his first bath.

And these are pictures of the sling that Jamie carries Maddox around in. He absolutely loves it! He loves to face out and look around at what's going on. It's also a lot nicer than carrying around that heavy carseat carrier!

That's all, we just wanted to post these cute pictures!

Love you all!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Going Shopping!

Today Maddox and Jamie are going shopping! They are going with some friends to Shreveport to the outlet mall! Maddox is in need of some clothes other than onesies. They are great for around the house and short outings but for church and other events we would like to dress him a little nicer. Hopefully the trip will go well. For those of you who dont know Shreveport is about an hour away so its a long car ride to get there. Thankfully, Maddox does great on car rides.

Maddox is doing great. He is really fun and loves to smile! He is also quite active. We put him on his belly on the floor to play the other day and he managed to scoot himself around. He was doing an airplane sort of move and using his feet to push off the ground. He was stopped when a pillow got in his way. We are a little nervous of what is to come with this boy. I think we will definitely have our hands full and will have to keep a close eye on him. His sleeping schedule is great! We love that he sleeps about 7 hours each night. Its so refreshing to wake up after sleeping for that long. Now his naps are a different story. Soem days he naps a long time and other days he thinks one 45 min nap all day is good for him. That 45 min nap may be good for him but it is definitely not good for Jamie. During his naps is when Jamie tries to get other things done around the house and work on her sewing so that day not much got done.

We have not really been up to much, thats why we have not posted in a while. On Sunday we tried to take Maddox swimming at Aunt Rose's house but again he slept through it. One day this summer he will go swimming and we will ahve the pictures to prove it!

We have started back into a steady exercise program. We both have realized that watching what we eat and exercising was not high priority and we could see the effects! So we are walking/jogging 3 days a week in the evenings nad being more careful about the things we eat. Jamie also walks every morning with some friends so she is doubling up on the exercise.

We are getting ready for our trip to Lafayette soon, in fact its next weekend! This will be Maddox's first time to meet some of Jamie's side of the family and we get to stay with Maddox's MawMaw and PawPaw Bernie!

Thats really about all thats going on. We are a little boring right now since we have not done much. We'll have more stories soon.

Until next time.....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cutest baby in the world contest!

If there were such a contest we think Maddox could definately win, what do you think? His big blue eyes have a definate way of melting your heart, and his smile, well words cant even describe the cuteness of that!
We'll stop bragging and get on with the update!

We had a really laid back and relaxing weekend. The weather was sooo hot it wasnt worth getting out to do anything. We just picked up things around the house did some laundry and were just plain lazy. Sunday we went to church and then to Brian's parents house for lunch cause it was his mom's birthday.

Speaking of birthdays....Brian's is tomorrow! He will be 25! We joked this morning and said that he is halfway to 50!

Maddox has been doing really well...we did find out he does NOT like boiled shrimp and steak. This messed up his tummy pretty badly. We ate this on Sunday night and by Monday morning Maddox was miserable, so since Jamie had some milked stored in the freezer we gave him 2 bottles and Jamie pumped and tossed the milk down the drain. Maddox did not need that yucky stuff. After it got out of Jamie's system and his too all was fine! We have found he does not like pizza, tomato sauce, boiled shrimp, steak, mexican food, and lots of milk. Oh and he doesnt like it when Jamie eats a whole watermelon in a day! ;)
His Zantac has been helping him a lot so he is a much happier baby now!! We can tell his tummy is not bothering him as much anymore.
He has a new favorite toy we call it the "magic star." It is on his little play gym. It lights up and plays music and absolutely fascinates Maddox. It also has calming abilities hence the name magic star!

Maddox has become a great drooler. He sokes the front of almost every outfit he wears and of course he sokes us too!
He hasnt really learned any new tricks lately. He does coo alot now and squeals when he gets excited or really happy. Oh he does have a new trick...he discovered his hand a while back so now he sucks on it a lot. It's funny watching him try to get his whole fist in his mouth! Oh and another new trick...he slept for 8 hours last night!! Wow we were shocked and felt so well rested! We understand this is probably a one time occurance but it sure was nice!

Our little pea pod!

Maddox hanging out with his PawPaw

This is a picture of the new purse Jamie made. She has gotten really good at it and can get them done pretty quickly now. If anyone is interested in one just let her know!

Well thats about it for today. Oh almost forgot we are planning to take a trip to lafayette the weekend of Aug. 5th. We will try to get around to see everyone and we'll be staying at Maw Maw and Paw that ok Maw Maw? Just wanted to let the Lafayette folks know we are coming.

Have a great week!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


We said we would update more often with pictures, so here they are!
Of course we still think he is the cutest baby ever!!

Maddox has had a great week! We are noticing a definate improvement in his reflux problems. He doesnt seem to be in as much pain and the spitting up has let up some. He hates to take his medicine though. It tastes really nasty so we cant blame him.
His new trick this week is pushing himself up with his arms to hold his head up, he also really likes to push with his feet and he's really good at it. When we're holding him we have to hold on tight because he'll use his feet to push off of us.

This week Jamie has started to get back into her sewing projects. She has learned that it definately takes longer to complete a project with Maddox around! For those of you who dont know, Jamie really likes to sew and has started sewing purses. We have a great fabric store in town that has really fun fabric selections to choose from, they turn out really cute! If anyone is interested in one you can email her ( she'll tell you about them and let you see some fabric choices to choose from! Can't find the picture of one, otherwise we would post it for you to see. She'll post a picture of her new one as soon as it gets finished. She has already started getting requests from friends here in town for one. Maybe she'll get a little business going!

Thats about it for the week. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Our Little Family

We thought we would show off our cute picture from this weekend of our little family! This is the first one we have taken since Maddox has been out of the hospital.

We had a really nice weekend. On Friday Maddox had his 2 month check up and shots...yuk! He ran some fever after the shots and felt just all around yuk for the rest of the day. It was hard to see him not feeling well because it reminded us of when he was sick in the hospital. Thankfully by the evening he was feeling a lot better. He weighs 8lbs 12oz and is 21 1/4 inches long! He is growing great! The doctor put him on Zantac for his reflux problems. Hopefully it will help him feel better and not spit up as much. Other than that it was a normal check up.

We decided to go on a date Friday night. We got Brian's parents to come and stay with Maddox. We were not sure how this would go because he wasnt feeling too well from his shots. We decided we would go out to eat, call and check on him and if he was doing ok go to a movie. When we called to check on him they said he was doing fine so we were off to see Cars! We really liked the movie and had a really great time being together. It reminded us of the dates we would go on when we first started dating. And, since Ruston now has a movie theater we did not have to drive 30mins to go see a movie!! That was nice!
It was a great time for us and a good time for Maddox to spend with his Nana and PJ.

Saturday Maddox got to go to his first wedding. He actually ended up missing it, so did Jamie because he decided to start to cry right as the wedding started. Jamie took him around to the back of the house where the reception would be and calmed him down and sat and waited for everyone to get there. I think next time we will just get a sitter, babies and weddings dont mix too well. We did get to see all of Brian's family and most of them got to see Maddox for the first time, so that was nice. Maddox ended up sleeping the entire time though.

On Sunday we were off to church and then had a relaxing afternoon at home. The weekend was rather busy so we really needed the day off. Getting Maddox out too much messes with his sleep schedule and is hard on us, so we often need some time to recooperate.

Thats about all thats been going on with us. We hope everyone else had a great weekend and hope you have a great week too!

Of course we have included more pictures! ;)

Thursday, July 06, 2006


We have noticed such a big change in Maddox! He is really growing up! We have noticed he has become much more content throughout they day and loves to smile! He has also started cooing and "talking" which is a real treat! He loves to lay down and be talked to, he also loves looking at his world around him. We love watching him and of course we love his adorable smiles. He is still sleeping wonderfully! He sleeps for about a 5 hour strech each night then wakes up to eat and goes back down for about 2-3 hours. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful sleeper. He also takes great naps during the day. This allows Jamie some time to get stuff done and to also nap.

Maddox is a great traveler! We found this out this weekend when we traveled to Houston to visit Jamie's parents. He slept almost the whole 6 hour car ride. We only had to stop once for him to eat and to let the dogs out too (yes, we took the dogs too). The trip down there and back went suprisingly well. We really did not know how he would do but he did great!

Maddox really enjoyed visiting with his MiMi and Paw Paw! He was in a great mood the whole time we were there. They got to see him smile and coo and of course roll over. They didn't believe he could at first, but he quickly proved them wrong! We got him all dressed to go swimming but the water ended up being too cold. Oh well, maybe next time. We did get some cute pictures of him with his swimsuit on. He also got to meet his great- aunt Laura and great-uncle Tim! They were excited to meet him and it was really nice to visit with them.

He also got to visit with his favorite aunt..Angela!

We really enjoyed the trip too. Jamie's parents didn't mind watching Maddox while we got out together. It was our first time to be out and about without the little guy and it was Jamie's first time to be away from Maddox since her surgery. We had a great time shopping and just enjoying each others company. We have now decided we will be hiring a babysitter every once in a while so we can get out for some "us" time. Applications can be sent to ! ;)

We hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday weekend! Hopefully we'll try to get more post up since we know some of you check the blog daily. If not a new post than at least a new picture! We love you all! Have a great week!

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