Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cutest baby in the world contest!

If there were such a contest we think Maddox could definately win, what do you think? His big blue eyes have a definate way of melting your heart, and his smile, well words cant even describe the cuteness of that!
We'll stop bragging and get on with the update!

We had a really laid back and relaxing weekend. The weather was sooo hot it wasnt worth getting out to do anything. We just picked up things around the house did some laundry and were just plain lazy. Sunday we went to church and then to Brian's parents house for lunch cause it was his mom's birthday.

Speaking of birthdays....Brian's is tomorrow! He will be 25! We joked this morning and said that he is halfway to 50!

Maddox has been doing really well...we did find out he does NOT like boiled shrimp and steak. This messed up his tummy pretty badly. We ate this on Sunday night and by Monday morning Maddox was miserable, so since Jamie had some milked stored in the freezer we gave him 2 bottles and Jamie pumped and tossed the milk down the drain. Maddox did not need that yucky stuff. After it got out of Jamie's system and his too all was fine! We have found he does not like pizza, tomato sauce, boiled shrimp, steak, mexican food, and lots of milk. Oh and he doesnt like it when Jamie eats a whole watermelon in a day! ;)
His Zantac has been helping him a lot so he is a much happier baby now!! We can tell his tummy is not bothering him as much anymore.
He has a new favorite toy we call it the "magic star." It is on his little play gym. It lights up and plays music and absolutely fascinates Maddox. It also has calming abilities hence the name magic star!

Maddox has become a great drooler. He sokes the front of almost every outfit he wears and of course he sokes us too!
He hasnt really learned any new tricks lately. He does coo alot now and squeals when he gets excited or really happy. Oh he does have a new trick...he discovered his hand a while back so now he sucks on it a lot. It's funny watching him try to get his whole fist in his mouth! Oh and another new trick...he slept for 8 hours last night!! Wow we were shocked and felt so well rested! We understand this is probably a one time occurance but it sure was nice!

Our little pea pod!

Maddox hanging out with his PawPaw

This is a picture of the new purse Jamie made. She has gotten really good at it and can get them done pretty quickly now. If anyone is interested in one just let her know!

Well thats about it for today. Oh almost forgot we are planning to take a trip to lafayette the weekend of Aug. 5th. We will try to get around to see everyone and we'll be staying at Maw Maw and Paw that ok Maw Maw? Just wanted to let the Lafayette folks know we are coming.

Have a great week!


Shell and Chris said...

we'll be here
you guys must stop by!!

Denise Cavin said...

Happy Birthday Brian!

Jennifer said...

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Brian! A day late...sorry about that. I did think about it yesterday, but then forgot to get on here and leave the message. I hope it was a good one. You're 3 weeks and 2 days older than me.

melissa said...

I do not know how late I am But Happy Birthday any way.
I feel a lot better knowing that you are going to be 50 6 months before me. haha
I am so glad you guys are coming to Lafayette. Call us and let us know when you get here. If you have a couple of purses laying around I would love to have one.


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