Thursday, July 13, 2006


We said we would update more often with pictures, so here they are!
Of course we still think he is the cutest baby ever!!

Maddox has had a great week! We are noticing a definate improvement in his reflux problems. He doesnt seem to be in as much pain and the spitting up has let up some. He hates to take his medicine though. It tastes really nasty so we cant blame him.
His new trick this week is pushing himself up with his arms to hold his head up, he also really likes to push with his feet and he's really good at it. When we're holding him we have to hold on tight because he'll use his feet to push off of us.

This week Jamie has started to get back into her sewing projects. She has learned that it definately takes longer to complete a project with Maddox around! For those of you who dont know, Jamie really likes to sew and has started sewing purses. We have a great fabric store in town that has really fun fabric selections to choose from, they turn out really cute! If anyone is interested in one you can email her ( she'll tell you about them and let you see some fabric choices to choose from! Can't find the picture of one, otherwise we would post it for you to see. She'll post a picture of her new one as soon as it gets finished. She has already started getting requests from friends here in town for one. Maybe she'll get a little business going!

Thats about it for the week. Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Denise Cavin said...

I believe I commented on a purse Jamie made one time! Yeah, I'd like details! We'll probably see you at church tomorrow!

W said...

Ask my Jenn re selling purses on Ebay, she knows about that.
It's definitely profitable as a business, if you're labor is "free", materials are cheap, and the PO and UPS aren't too far of a drive. That and purses aren't liable to be damaged in shipping (or damage anything else), so shipping expenses would be low (toss 'em in a box).

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