Thursday, July 06, 2006


We have noticed such a big change in Maddox! He is really growing up! We have noticed he has become much more content throughout they day and loves to smile! He has also started cooing and "talking" which is a real treat! He loves to lay down and be talked to, he also loves looking at his world around him. We love watching him and of course we love his adorable smiles. He is still sleeping wonderfully! He sleeps for about a 5 hour strech each night then wakes up to eat and goes back down for about 2-3 hours. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful sleeper. He also takes great naps during the day. This allows Jamie some time to get stuff done and to also nap.

Maddox is a great traveler! We found this out this weekend when we traveled to Houston to visit Jamie's parents. He slept almost the whole 6 hour car ride. We only had to stop once for him to eat and to let the dogs out too (yes, we took the dogs too). The trip down there and back went suprisingly well. We really did not know how he would do but he did great!

Maddox really enjoyed visiting with his MiMi and Paw Paw! He was in a great mood the whole time we were there. They got to see him smile and coo and of course roll over. They didn't believe he could at first, but he quickly proved them wrong! We got him all dressed to go swimming but the water ended up being too cold. Oh well, maybe next time. We did get some cute pictures of him with his swimsuit on. He also got to meet his great- aunt Laura and great-uncle Tim! They were excited to meet him and it was really nice to visit with them.

He also got to visit with his favorite aunt..Angela!

We really enjoyed the trip too. Jamie's parents didn't mind watching Maddox while we got out together. It was our first time to be out and about without the little guy and it was Jamie's first time to be away from Maddox since her surgery. We had a great time shopping and just enjoying each others company. We have now decided we will be hiring a babysitter every once in a while so we can get out for some "us" time. Applications can be sent to ! ;)

We hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday weekend! Hopefully we'll try to get more post up since we know some of you check the blog daily. If not a new post than at least a new picture! We love you all! Have a great week!

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Denise Cavin said...

Man, that kid IS growing up! That was my first thought when the page came up! We'll be going to Houston at the end of this month and we may be taking Mally. I hope she sleeps all six hours! How well did your doggies do on the ride?

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