Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Maddox had his first day of preschool Tuesday Sept 15! He had a great first day and great first week! He really enjoys his school and is never ready to leave. Everyday when he asks if he is going to school we tell him yes and he replies with great enthusiasm "I get to go to school AGAIN?!!?"

Jamie and Harris have enjoyed their time too! Harris is not used to all the one on one attention, he absolutely loves it!

Not much to report over the last month. We had some friends visit for a few days which was really fun! The boys all had a great time together and Michelle and Jamie got to hang out and visit which is always fun!

Last week it rained all week long, everyday. And it didn't just rain a little, it poured, we probably had about 14in of rain last week. Thankfully it was only rain and no thunder and lightning which means we can still play outside! The boys love to play in the rain!

The new baby is doing great. We are now 23 weeks along. We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago but the pictures turned out really crummy so we don't have any to share. And we are not finding out the sex this time. It was so much fun not knowing with Harris we decided to do it again. On a side note we are not having another baby because we wanted to try for a girl. We are having another baby because we thought it would be fun to add another little blessing, boy or girl, to our family.

Jamie has started sewing again and opened up an etsy store you can check it out here. She also has a new craft blog where she documents all of her crafty things she makes. You can find it here

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