Friday, July 28, 2006

This one's for the Texans!

Maddox's Mimi and PawPaw bought this for him and we finally put him in it! Isn't he so cute! He definately has a contagious smile too!!

These are some pictures we took last night of him in the bathtub. We wanted to compare them to the ones we took a while back to see how much he has grown. Wow! He is almost getting too big for the hammock in his tub now!! You can go back to the Splish Splash blog post to see pictures of his first bath.

And these are pictures of the sling that Jamie carries Maddox around in. He absolutely loves it! He loves to face out and look around at what's going on. It's also a lot nicer than carrying around that heavy carseat carrier!

That's all, we just wanted to post these cute pictures!

Love you all!


Aleta said...

Jamie and Brian,

I am so excited about finally seeing you. I am looking forward to visiting with you next weekend.

See you soon.



Shell and Chris said...

Woo Hoo!!
Go Texas!!
Preston needs one of those.
See yall soon

John Aaron & Emily said...

Hey Jamie!

It was great to hear from you!! Maddox is absolutely adorable!! He has definitely grown since I last saw him! I love your sling thing too! I'm glad we can keep up with each other through the world of blogging!


Crystal said...

Yay for slings, and yay for madox!

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