Monday, November 10, 2008

We bleed bulldog blue!!

Recently, we have been attending the Tech home games! Maddox loves to go and really enjoys watching football and getting to see Champ the mascot. There are usually lots of other kids around for Maddox to play with so he stays well entertained. We have gotten some really cute pictures of us all in our blue and thought we would share.

We had a great time at Halloween. Maddox was dressed as a fireman and Harris was the dalmatian! They were absolutely adorable, but we are kind of biased! ;) Maddox really got into the whole trick-or-treating thing and really got into the candy. He talked about and asked for candy for a whole week!

We have been busy at work with our house. Once we are finished remodeling we will have experience with all sorts of projects! Our current project is remodeling the bathrooms. Hopefully, we will have them done by Thanksgiving, we have company coming!

The boys are doing great. They have really started to play with each other and the sibling rivalry has started too. No one told us it would start so soon. Recently, we have been in the car and heard "no look at me Harris!" And Maddox can't stand it when Harris is touching him or plays with his toys. Maddox is really going to get an eye opener when Harris starts crawling soon!
Harris is getting big! He weighs around 16lbs now and will be 7 months old tomorrow! He is on the verge of crawling but hasn't quite figured it out yet. He is great at pulling himself up and we have to really watch him because he is not super steady on his feet.

We are all ready for the holiday season and excited about getting to visit with lots of family. And it is really fun to decorate our new house with fall and soon christmas decor!

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