Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cool Weather is Finally Here!

It is finally not 90 degrees outside and we have been able to enjoy some of this nice fall weather!
We also have some new pictures to share!
We have all been doing great.

Maddox is as cute as ever and has the personality to match. He keeps us very busy. He is still fascinated with anything that has wheels and especially likes buses, lawnmowers, and tractors. He tries to say anything we say now and has a lot of words that we are clueless on the meaning. He is very independent and likes to do things all by himself. He also has a slight stubborn streak in him, but we have no idea where he got that from ;) Curious should have been his middle name, he loves to explore everything. Forget toys, he would rather play with things around the house and climb. He does like blocks and will stay occupied for a little while with blocks, but otherwise you would find him running all over the house chasing the dogs, climbing on the toilet, hiding in the dryer, and standing on top of the laundry basket (just to name a few).

We have ben enjoying this brisk fall weather. It is very hard to keep Maddox contained in the house all day so rain or shine we have been heading outside. The past few days it had felt very wintery out. We opened the door Wednesday morning (our first cold weather day) and Maddox stood in the doorway and said "ooooooohh." He was very fascinated by the cold and now refuses to go outside unless he has his hat.
We have very funfilled days with Maddox and enjoy every moment with him, even the stubborn moments. ;)

Jamie is starting to feel some better and is hopefully on the tail end of this thing they call morning sickness. We are 14 weeks along and everything seems to be going fine. We heard the heartbeat last week. It was reassuring to know (hear) that there really is something causing all this illness!

We all went to the Tech Homecoming game the other weekend and had a great time. Maddox ejoyed entertaining everyone around us with his cuteness. We were pleasantly surprised at Maddox's behavior and got to stay until the beginning of the fourth quarter. We decided to leave because it was way past a little ones bedtime

This weekend we are heading to the pumpkin patch to take some fun fall pictures and to pick out a pumpkin to carve. Maddox is fascinated by all the pumpkins around lately and enjoys pointing to all of them and saying something that sounds like pumpkin. Next week he will go trick or treating for the first time. You'll have to wait for pictures to see what he is dressing up's a surprise!!

We hope you are all having a wonderful Fall!!
Keep checking the blog for new pictures!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Picture Problem!!

So we have been taking lots of pictures of Maddox for you all to see but, we cannot find the camera cable to download them onto the computer!!! It has been missing for several weeks which is why we have not posted in a long time. The search is still on for it!!
We do have one picture on the computer already that we thought we would share with everyone:

This baby is due April 23!! We are very excited! And to answer a few questions:
*Yes, Jamie has been very sick but seems to be getting a little better.
*We are about 11 weeks along.
*We will NOT be finding out what this baby is.
*We will not be sharing names until the birth.
*We will not be moving into a bigger house.
*Maddox and new baby will be almost exactly 2 years apart.
That should cover the ones that are on everyone's minds! If you have any others just ask!

Ok, now we are off to continue searching for the camera cable! Wish us luck!

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