Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fun in the Mud!

The other day we let Maddox play in the mud while we planted some flowers and did some yard work. He had a BLAST!! He is definitely all boy! Most people would not let their baby play in the mud, so I guess you could say we are not most people ;)
Maddox had a great time and went straight to the tub after with clothes on and everything.
We thought we would post some pictures of the event.

We have lots more to write about and more pictures to post from our recent vacation, but that will have to wait until another day. Maddox has not been feeling well again which has made a very busy and tiring week. Not to mention Walmart is not being too cooperative with our pictures (we forgot our digital camera) and we have still yet to get the disk from them.
So hopefully these pictures will last until we can get another post up. We know you guys love admiring this adorable little boy!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Don't Give Up On Us!!

Don't give up on reading our blog yet!
So we are definitely guilty of not posting in a LONG time. We had had a very crazy last 3 weeks.

The last 3 weeks:
The week after Valentine's day is a little foggy, probably because it was so long ago. We do remember that Maddox started to cut his first tooth that Friday (three weeks ago today). He had been acting like a little toot for a while and we decided to check his mouth for a possible tooth. Sure enough there was a raised swollen lump on his bottom gum. We got really excited about it. Where it the tooth is only a small white speck on the gumline. That's it, three whole weeks and no tooth to show yet. As we always say "One Day..."
This boy LOVES cottage cheese

The Saturday after the tooth discovery we were headed to Nashville. Brian had a conference to attend so Jamie and Maddox tagged along. We would be there for a week.
Packing for the trip

We drove to Memphis that night and stayed in Memphis so we could eat at the famous Rendezvous BBQ. We ate some super yummy ribs and BBQ chicken and pork nachos.
Sunday we drove the rest of the way to Nashville. We had planned on going to a neat little museam but drove around and concluded that it no longer existed. We headed to the farmers market instead. We picked up a few things and then drove to our hotel about 30 mins outside of Nashville.
Playing at the hotel

Monday Brian did not have any meetings so we went to the zoo. We had a great time. Maddox really liked seeing the animals. He especially liked the meerkat exhibit because he could get up close to the glass and see them.

We also went to the outlet mall there and did a little bit of shopping. We saw the Grand Ole Opry but it was not really that "Grand." It was nothing special really, Jamie was pretty disappointed in it.
Tuesday Brian's conference started so Jamie and Maddox were going to hang out in the hotel. Maddox started acting a little funny really clingy and sleepy. Well low and behold he got the stomach bug. Poor little guy was pretty miserable. He and Jamie just hung out in the hotel room for the next few days with lots of towels and diapers. He didn't start feeling better until Thursday.
Friday we left to go home. It was a very long drive. This time we didn't stop in Memphis to sleep so it made the trip feel even longer. We did take the scenic way home on the Natchez Trace Parkway. It was a nice ride with some good stopping points along the way. We even got to stop and hike for a little while. Maddox slept for most of the way. He also was getting a nasty runny nose.
Saturday he got to go to his first birthday party. His friend Andi was turning 1 ! She had a great time of course and Maddox enjoyed eating some cookies. He did not seem to be feeling too hot so he wanted to be held a lot but all in all it was a great day!
Andi's Birthday Party

Sunday we did not make it to church Maddox's cold was worse and he was really groggy and fussy. We stayed home with him all day and unpacked and stuff from our trip.
Monday Maddox woke up and was much worse. He had a nasty cough and was wheezing a lot. Jamie took him into the doctor and they diagnosed him with RSV and an ear infection in both ears. No wonder the poor guy wasn't feeling well! He was on breathing treatments for all of last week and he should finish up his antibiotics for his ears this week.
Last week was pretty much a blur since Maddox was not feeling well at all. He slept a lot and was very clingy. By Thursday he was starting to get back to his self again.
Friday night we went out on a date. We had not been in a while and with Maddox being sick the last two weeks we needed to get out for a little while. We went out to a nice dinner and left Maddox with his all time favorite babysitter..Krystle (a college student here). She has been babysitting for us every Tuesday night when we go to Bible study. When we got home Krystle told us that he did not even cry at all!! Praise the Lord! We never thought that day would come!
We had a busy Saturday and Sunday we got to spend some time at the park to unwind a little.

Since Maddox has been feeling better he has been great. He loves to wave to people now and does it all the time! He also has become very vocal and likes to talk a lot! He is learning so many new things so fast now. If we ask him where our nose is he can point (grab) it. We are working on finding eyes next but so far he can only get our nose. He loves reading books and turning the pages. He is starting to stand up by himself. He is still a little unsure of it but he does do it occasionally. He pulls up and cruises on everything, he also likes to walk while we hold his hands. He loves people and will get anyones attention! We are surprised at how social he has is like he just blossomed!
The best thing of all....last night he slept ALL night! He has not done this in a while since things have been so crazy and he has been so sick! It was wonderful to wake up refreshed!

So, that is what we have been up to! With Maddox sick so much it has been really hard to sit down and write a blog post but we finally did it! There are not a lot of pictures because we haven't been taking a whole lot while he has been sick. We'll try to have more for next time!
Hope everyone is doing great!

Love you all

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