Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So we are a little, ok a lot, behind on this blog. We must have gotten caught up in the busyness of the holiday season.
Lots has been going on including some remodeling on the house.
We had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas.
We spent Christmas at home and Jamie's parents and sister and brother came in for Christmas day.

The boys had a great time. Maddox was really into Christmas this year and especially opening gifts.

We also enjoyed teaching him about the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus' birthday. This was an easy concept for him to understand because he is all about birthdays and birthday parties!
The boys have been doing great. They are both growing great and are such a joy! They have been passing colds back and forth for about 2 months now and that is no fun. Hopefully cold season will be over soon!

Harris got his first tooth! It has just popped out (bottom left) and can barely be seen but it can definitely be felt! We first noticed it the week before Christmas.

He isn't crawling yet but he makes his way around in his own way. He likes to scoot backwards and he also does a good job of moving around in a circle. Jamie has mixed feelings on his not crawling yet. While she really wants him to crawl she has started to realize that the longer he waits to crawl the longer she has before she has to start chasing little boys around!

He loves to babble and "talk." He and Maddox talk back and forth to each other every night while they are going to bed. It is so cute!

Maddox makes us laugh everyday. He is so smart and picks up on everything going on very quickly. He listens to everything we say and often interrupts our conversations with "mommy, what did you say to daddy?" and vise versa.

He talks non stop, literally! And everything is very understandable. He has to know about everything and has tons of questions. He has entered the "why?" stage too! This gets annoying especially once you get to the end of the why and the answer is just "because." Apparently, because is not a suitable answer for a 2 year old.

The boys are really starting to interact with each other and we love watching them together. The other night we were in the kitchen and thought it got a little too quiet in the living room, we checked on them and found this:

Maddox had gotten into some baby food that a friend had given us and decided that Harris needed to eat some. We just laughed so hard it was so cute!
We can't say enough how much joy the boys bring us. It is the crazy moments like these that keep us going!

We wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Thanks to Crystal for taking our wonderful Christmas card pictures and allowing us to put some of them on this blog! You're the best!

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