Thursday, October 09, 2008

Rub a dub dub 2 cuties in a tub......

We are in awe of what an amazing blessing these boys are! They are so much fun! Our days are pretty wild and crazy, the laundry is always piled up, dishes are always in the sink, and we are always tripping over toys. We get frustrated and down sometimes but then we look at the smiles on these two boys faces and we just laugh and forget about everything else. They are such a joy!

So what is new:
We went camping last weekend and had a blast!

We went up to Arkansas with some friends and stayed right on the lake. The weather could have been better but we had a good time anyway. And yes, we do tent camp, is there any other way to do it??
Maddox LOVED it! He really loved all the attention he got from everyone and he especially loved his "catchin pole" aka fishing pole! We even let him reel in some fish which he thought was so neat. It took a few fish before he finally decided to touch one.

The boys are doing great! We are all enjoying this fall weather and spending lots of time outside.

Maddox keeps us busy and has been really talking up a storm lately, as if he didn't already! He is now telling complete stories and has an amazing memory. He is always busy doing something and he also has a crazy fascination with firetrucks that doesn't seem to be going away.

Harris is a super cutie and he is always smiling. He'll be 6 months on Sat! He sits up really well and reaches and grabs anything in his sight. He is acting like he wants to start crawling too. He is totally fascinated with our drinks and food, every time he sees a cup or anything else he wants he makes this face:
The boys are really starting to enjoy each other. Maddox loves to call Harris his baby. Maddox does not like to share with Harris and of course Harris is completely fascinated with everything Maddox does.

Enjoy all the pictures!

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