Monday, August 06, 2007

Fire trucks and Such

Over the past month Maddox has developed an increasing fascination with fire trucks, cars, trucks, and tractors. Apparently boys are just fascinated with these things! He loves to point to these things and say what they are. We are quite impressed that he has started to say "tractor." To the untrained ear it may not sound like much but to us he is definitely saying "tractor."
We were honored to be invited to Maddox's friend Grant's 3rd birthday was at the Fire station!! Maddox, of course, was thrilled and talked about the firetrucks all morning before we went. When we got there he was so excited to see a fire truck up close and personal! He was more than willing to volunteer to drive the fire truck, sit on the stretcher, go in the ambulance, etc etc! He had a blast, and it was so neat to watch him get so excited!

Maddox's vocabulary has shot through the roof!! He tries to say everything we say now, it may not be as clear as we say it, but he is definitely making an effort. Some new words, tractor, all done, thank you, fire truck, cat, bubble, and book. He has also decided to start answering our questions with the response "yea." We are trying to redirect this by saying "yes." "Yea" sounds so junior high, preteen, adolescent!

He is learning new things every day and is understanding and comprehending everything we say. He is very inquisitive and wants to know what everything is. He loves to explore, and has become quite the adventurer when it comes to going anywhere. Let's just say he does not enjoy sitting in the buggy or being held if we are shopping somewhere!

His favorite thing right now is books. We could read books all day long! He loves looking at the pictures and pointing out what everything is. He will bring us book after book after book to read to him.

This past weekend we went to his friend McKenzie's birthday party. It was a swimming party and Maddox had a great time. Apparently we gave birth to a fish! ;)

This month we have a big trip planned! We are headed to New York City, without Maddox! It will be our second anniversary trip! We are leaving Maddox with Jamie's parents. It will be a great time for them to hang out since they don't get to see him very often. He loves it there and he especially loves his uncle E and the swimming pool! We drive to Houston the 22nd and our flight leaves on the 23rd. We'll fly back in on the 27th. We are very excited and nervous! This will be our first time leaving Maddox overnight anywhere. We know we will miss him so much! While we are there we plan on seeing all the sights and going to a couple of Broadway shows. We also plan to feast on some yummy food! There will definitely be a blog post when we get back!

We hope everyone is doing well! Keep checking in for new posts!

PSA: Maddox does really like trucks but this does not mean we now need to be inundated with all things trucks, Maddox has plenty. Thanks! ;)

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