Sunday, September 09, 2007

We're Back!

*After writing this post we realized that we have very few pictures of Maddox over the past month. We'll try to catch up and post some more soon. Sorry for the lack of pictures!*
So obviously we took a break from blogging for a while. We didn't really do it on purpose time just got away from us. We have been doing so much since the last post!
The weekends have been crazy with get togethers, holidays, vacations, and Maddox. And Maddox keeps us very busy during the week.
We thouroughly enjoyed our vacation to New York City! Maddox also really enjoyed his vacation to Mimi and Pawpaw's house. We got some good quality together time in and we also had a blast seeing the city! Here are a few pictures from our trip. We saw lots of things and stayed very busy the whole time. We got to see 2 Broadway shows; Hairspray and 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Both were excellent! What a treat to be able to go to those as evening entertainment! We of course saw all the "tourist" spots. We also got to eat at some really great restraunts! Eating at cool places is a treat for us since the only places to eat out in Ruston are Chinese, Mexican and Chili's.
Grand Central Terminal

Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center)

Ground Zero

Ground Zero was very suprising to us. It looked like a huge construction site. In fact, you wouldn't even know what it was unless you were looking for it. There were a few signs about what happened on 9/11 but overall we were disapointed.
We have some other pictures but they are the standard Times Square, Statue of Liberty etc etc. Plus we know all you want to see are pictures of Maddox. ;)

Maddox also had a blast and did VERY well while we were gone. Apparently he didn't even miss us! Jamie's parents kept him busy with lots of things like swimming, playing, going outside, parties, and lots more. He came home knowing what a motorcycle says and wanting to go outside a lot!

We missed him while we were gone but it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. We all had a hard time getting back into the routine of things, vacations are oh so spoiling! We pretty much have things back in order and have developed our routine again. We do miss the sleeping in ;)
Let's see what has Maddox been up to these days.......
He is a VERY good climber and loves to climb the kitchen chairs, the couch, boxes, the bed,into cabinets, basically anything that is taller than he is.
Making brownies

He has become SO verbal. He talks all.the.time! He has a huge vocabulary now. He says thank you, bike, outside, all done, ice, hot, tickle tickle, daddy, mommy, eyes, belly button, airplane and more we can't think of at the moment.
He is always on the move! He doesn't sit still for very long and enjoys staying very busy. We just bought him a new play tent that he absolutely loves! It has tunnels and hideouts. It takes up our entire living room. Thankfully, it can be seperated into different peices and easily pops open and closed for storage. We think it is pretty cool too!
Maddox understands so many things now. His comprehension amazes us! He has turned into a little boy and acts nothing like a baby anymore. He finally reached the 20lb mark!! It only took 16 months but he now weighs almost 21lbs! He still only has 4 teeth and no more in sight. He'll get new teeth one day!
We are currently trying to wean him off of his paci for nighttime and naps. The night has been going pretty well we are still struggling a little with naps. Thankfully sleeping is the only time he uses the paci so we don't have too much breaking to do.
When we went down to Jamie's parent's house we also bought a new car! We had definitely outgrown Jamie's Hyundai and decided it was time to get something new. Plus, we were a little worried the Hyundai wouldn't make it on the trip down there. Thankfully it made it with only a few minor complications and we traded it in before the thing was completely worthless. We bought a Mazda 5. It has lots of space and is very luxurious comapred to our old car! Jamie has been having a great time driving it around! Maddox seems to enjoy his new ride too!

Well that's our life in a nutshell over the past month. It probably wouldn't take us as long to blog if we blogged more often! This blog took forever to write and post pictures. That happens when you wait a month to post!! We'll try to post more often...promise!

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