Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sick Baby = No blog post

We have a good reason for not posting in such a long time. Maddox has been sick for a while and is just now showing signs of improvement. It started with a cold, then the cold lasted forever, then he got a stomach bug and still had a cold and nasty cough. So now he is on some high doses of amoxicillin and feeling much better. All this sickness made him feel really bad and he was quite a handful for about 2 weeks! Yesterday and today we are having much better days which is good for all of our sanity.

Since the last post not much has really been going on. We went down to Lafayette to visit with Jamie's family and some friends. Maddox got to hang out with other babies so he really enjoyed it.
We had a great weekend and made it home in time to watch the Saints lose the Championship game. Oh well, you can't say it wasn't somewhat expected....they are the Saints right??
Maddox and Preston playing. Preston is about 5 weeks older than Maddox and about 5 feet taller too. ;)

Maddox playing with Jamie's cousin's little boy Hunner.

Maddox with Jamie's MawMaw and PawPaw

Other than being sick Maddox has been doing great. He has turned into a little explorer and loves to go exploring around the house. He is very fast so we have to keep a good watch on him. His current favorite place is the bathroom, if we leave the door open he will be in there in a flash. He also really likes the dishwasher and when we feed the dogs. He hears the dog food and stops whatever he is doing to go after the bowls. He says dada and mama, mostly dada unless for some reason he wants Jamie, which never happens ;) then he says mama.
We are enjoying every minute of the stage he is at right now. He is so much fun and keeps us very entertained.

We took him to the eye doctor and the results are good! He does not have a lazy eye. The doctor explained what we are seeing as a very common thing in babies and involves a little extra skin around the eye that he will grow into. The little extra skin is covering up part of the white of the eye which makes it look turned in. He'll go back in a year to check things out again since eye problems run in the family.
Playing with his friend Andi in our new chair!

So we know it has been a while since we posted and you would think we had tons of stuff to write in a blog but a certain little monster is pulling at the keyboard and mouse and playing under the computer desk so we probably should cut this one a little short. All you want to see is pictures anyway right?? ;)

Promise to write some more later when this little munchkin isn't at our heals.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Time for an update!

Hello to all! We thought it was time for an update on what has been going on in the Volentine household.

Maddox turned 8 months on the 2nd! Wow time sure does fly by. He loves to crawl around and really loves pulling up on everything. Jamie now spends most of her day chasing him around making sure he does not get into anything he is not supposed to have. He still loves to eat and the only thing we have found that he does not like is oatmeal. We think it is the texture that he doesn't like. He is very sociable and really likes to talk to anyone who will listen. He also makes sure that he has the attention of everyone in the room. He usually does this by squealing if no one is looking at him. His main goal lately is to pull up on everything in the house and crawls around looking for something new to conquer. He has become very active!

He weighs 16lbs and is 26 1/2 inches long. The doctor said he is as healthy as can be. We are taking him to the ophthalmologist next Wednesday to have his eyes examined. We have noticed in a lot of the pictures that we have taken that his left eyes turns in. It doesn't shock us because Jamie has this same problem. Hopefully the eye doctor will be able to begin treating it so it does not get worse. Supposedly the sooner you catch it the easier it is to correct. We will post to let you know how that appointment goes.

We have been keeping busy with things going on around here. Last weekend we got to enjoy a nice trip to the park with Maddox and the dogs. Everyone else thought it would be nice to visit the park too so it was very busy. We like it more when it is quiet.

Brian has been busy at work lately. He has a business trip to take at the end of February to Nashville. Jamie and Maddox are going to go along too! We decided to turn it into a little vacation for us.
Jamie has been busy working on some more purses. Apparently they are quite popular so she has been taking some orders. She has gotten very good at making them and she has also become quick with them too.
Well that about does it for us. We don't have too much going on.
And yes we realize the posts are becoming farther apart. ;) But we always include lots of pictures!

Have a great weekend!!

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