Friday, August 18, 2006

Because he's just so cute!

Posting a new blog for everyone to see how cute Maddox is. We took some new pictures of him and had to show them off!

We are off to Houston this weekend! Brian is leaving for Philadelphia on Monday for business. We are going to drive down to Houston tomorrow and Brian is going to fly out from Houston on Monday and fly back into Houston on Thursday. It worked out really nice because Jamie and Maddox will get to spend almost a whole week at her parent's house. Her parents are REALLY excited about this, as are Jamie and Maddox. Brian is sad that he wont get to spend more time there and also sad because it will be his first away from home trip since Maddox was born. We were originally planning to go to Houston for Labor Day weekend but since this business trip came up we are going this weekend.

Not too much has been going on this past week. Maddox is still doing great. He really enjoys being on his tummy a lot more now and is fascinated with some of his toys. His favorite book is one called Ten Little Ladybugs. It has lots of bright colors and a catchy rhyme scheme that Maddox really likes.
Jamie and Maddox start a Kindermusik class on the 30th. This is a class where they get to sing, dance, and have a lot of fun. It is really developmentally appropriate and stimulating for Maddox. It will also be a good way to get out of the house and meet other moms with babies around the same age!

Sunday is our 1 year anniversary!!! What an amazing year it has been! We LOVE being married! We have had a lot go on in the last year but all that we have been through has made us that much stronger as a couple!

Well we have to pack and get things ready for our big trip! We hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Shell and Chris said...

Woo hoo, first one to comment on the new post. How exciting that you'll be able to spend that time with your parents. I know they are probably way too excited to see yall!
Maddox looks really happy in the pics.
Happy Anniversary. Did yall save the top of your wedding cake?

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