Saturday, August 26, 2006

We're back!

So we wrote this blog the other day but the blogger website has been acting up so we haven't been able to actually post it. We had every intention of posting sooner...promise!

We had a great little vacation! Although Brian really didnt get much of a vacation since he was on a business trip but Jamie and Maddox got a little vacation.

Saturday Maddox got to go to his first football game! Eric is in the band and they had to play for a scrimmage game. Maddox did really well he fell asleep in Jamie's arms and slept through most of the game. He was not too fond of all the loud cheering and clapping but he was really tired so that probably had a lot to do with him being scared by it.

Sunday it was off to church! Sunday was also our anniversary so Maddox got to stay with MiMi and PawPaw and we went out for a nice dinner. We went out for sushi, it was sooo good! We really dont have any good places to eat sushi near Ruston so it was a treat! There was not much else we could think of to do so we stopped by World Market to browse and then headed back to Jamie's parents house.
Brian left Monday morning for Philadelphia. Jamie and Maddox enjoyed swimming everyday and getting to go shopping with MiMi and Angela while they were there.

Maddox with uncle Eric

Maddox got some new toys and clothes while we were there. He got an exersaucer which he loves! He grabs for the little toys on it and likes to watch the toy that lights up and plays music.
It's nice to have so we can put him in it while we get other things around the house done. He really like to be propped up and watchign what is going on so this is the perfect thing for him.

Brian got back on Thursday. Jamie and Maddox picked him up at the airport and then we all headed home.
Swimming with PawPaw

On our trip home we had to take another route. Apparently they had I-20 going towards Ruston closed because a bomb storage facility had caught on fire. So we went through Nachitoches instead. It turned out to be a really scenic route. We got to go through Toledo Bend a place neither of us had ever been to before. We also got to stop at this little barbeque place in Clearence, Louisiana. It was the BEST barbeque! We decided to stop there because it smelled so good from the road! That little place may be worth going that way again! It didnt take us any longer to go that way which was good and we found a new place to eat!
We made it home and we are now just trying to get back into our routine again. Maddox always has a little trouble adjusting back to being home.

Maddox has been doing great and was wonderful while we were in Houston. He travels really well too. He sleeps for most of the trip and we usually have to stop once for him to eat.
He has started giggling, this is the cutest thing we have ever heard! He also has started reaching for things like toys and our hands. His new thing is holding onto one of our hands while he falls asleep or is getting sleepy. He goes for his 4 month check up on the 5th of September. This will be for shots too! Yuk, we hope he does better this time. And this week we start kindermusik!! We'll post another blog about how this goes! We are very excited about it!
Well we hope you all have a great week!
Love you all!

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Shell and Chris said...

it was an ammunition plant that caught fire and kept causing explosions...our friends in minden called and told us about it

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