Friday, August 11, 2006

Finally, A New Post

So it has been a while since we posted last. Sorry about that. Things have been pretty busy around here lately.
We had a great weekend in Lafayette! We enjoyed getting to see all the family and spending some time with our friends Michelle, Chris, and their little boy Preston.
We think Maddox enjoyed the trip pretty well. He was not fond of being around a lot of people at one time. Friday night we met all the family at Jamie's aunt's house. Maddox was ok in the beginning but quickly realized how tired he was and that he was ready for his bath and bedtime. That night we had a lot of trouble getting him to go down for bed which never happens.
Saturday was a little better, but he still fussed most of the day. We did get to visit for a while with Michelle Chris and Preston and that was a lot of fun. Preston and Maddox enjoyed smiling and talking to each other, it was really cute to watch. Preston is only a month older than Maddox. On Saturday night Maddox got his bath at the regular time and went to sleep right after with no fuss. We were thankful for that because it had been a long day.
Sunday he woke up in a great mood! We were so excited! We went to church with Michelle and Chris, ate some yummy food at MawMaws house, went to visit Jamie's grandma and aunts, and then we traveled back home.
Maddox really enjoyed MawMaw and PawPaws house! He loved their porch swing and looking at all their pretty plants outside. We enjoed their house a lot too, we had a great time visiting and of course loved the food!
Here is Maddox with his MawMaw and PawPaw Bernie!

Maddox had to adjust being back at home after a long and busy weekend, but by wednesday everything was back to normal.
Jamie has been furiously busy making one of her purses for her friend Stephanie. Stephanie left yesterday to move back to New Orleans because she got a job. Jamie had promised her a purse a while back. She wasnt supposed to leave until the end of August, so Jamie thought she had lots of time left. When we got home sunday night and found out, she knew she had to get busy. Jamie learned how fast she can make a purse. It actually turned out to be her best one yet. Unfortunately she didnt take any pictures of it but maybe Stephanie will be so kind as to send her some so she can display her work. ;)

Maddox has been a wonderful sleeper this week! Tuesday night he went to bed at 8:30 and woke up at 6:00!!! We were in shock and wonderfully rested! Monday night he slept from 9:45 until 5:30 this morning! And last night we were blessed with another wonderful night of rest.
He really is a good sleeper and usually sleeps about 7 hours at night then wakes up to eat and is back down for a few more hours, we are blessed.
He is really growing up. Where have the last 3 months gone! He loves to look around at everything and is becoming really interested in people and interacting with people. He hangs out with Jamie during the day and loves to watch her while she does things around the house. He has started to take an interest in books and being read to. He really likes to look at all the colorful pictures in the books. We have also noticed that he has started to hold his head up very well. He is gaining a lot more control of his body movements. His hand can now be found in his mouth pretty much all day, chewing on his fingers has become his favorite pastime!

That's pretty much all that has been going on. We hope everyone had a great week and hope you'll have a great weekend!

Love you all!

A praise report:
Jamie's aunt Laura is home from the hospital!! Yay! She is doing lots better! We love you aunt Laura!

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Shell and Chris said...

Sweet pic in the grass.....reminds me of Christmas with the colors!
Glad Maddox got back into his routine for ya. Good Job Maddox on sleeping so much for your mom and dad!

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