Friday, June 16, 2006


Hello blog readers!
We thought everyone would like to hear whats been going on and see some more pictures.
The latest news is that we bought a new swing for Maddox. It's a very nice swing with a lot of neat features. The main reason we decided to buy this swing was because Maddox has been having trouble sleeping at night we think due to reflux/colic problems. The swing allows him to sit up a little and has so far helped with his reflux problems at night allowing us all to sleep more peacefully. The swing is also kind of oval shaped and conforms to his body. He really likes to be cuddled and so this swing cuddles him while he sleeps. We have only had it a little over a day but it worked the last 2 nights and hes enjoyed it during the day too. We had a lot of trouble putting him down in his crib after he fell asleep but he has no trouble staying asleep when we put him down in the swing. It also has a timer on it so we can set it and not worry about it staying on all night. We are just glad we found something that works and allows us all to get some sleep
So yes, Maddox has had some spells of colic. We have learned this is not fun. We went 2 nights without sleep and had to come up with a solution. Monday night and Tuesday night were awful and he didnt sleep for more than about an hour and a half stretch at a time. The last 2 nights we had good sleep and yesterday he was really happy which was really nice for a change. Hopefully we wont have any more bouts of colic.
Maddox is really getting bigger. He is starting to try and smile now. I think he will have that down pact soon. He has given us little smiles a few times, we are just waiting for that big grin! He is very alert and loves to move his arms and legs. When we put him down on his tummy or back he always ends up squirming around and ends up in a totally different spot/position than we laid him. He also really likes his bath now, and we enjoy giving him one a lot more now that he doesnt scream through them.
Thats about all thats been going on since the last post. We have taken some more pictures for everybody to see. One is of our dog Maddie who enjoys Maddox's play gym almost as much as he does. Our other dog fletcher is in the picture with Maddox, he was trying to comfort Maddox while he was crying, it was really sweet.
Hope everyone has been having a blessed week!
Love you all!


Shell and Chris said...

sorry you guys have been having some rough nights. it'll get better!! its so much fun when they start smiling-i know you can hardly wait!!

Melissa Black said...

I hope we get to see you soon, here in Lafayette. Happy Fathers Day!! Maddox is so beautiful. I hope everything has started to quite down for ya'll. If not I see the smiles on your faces so I know you are enjoying every minute.
Well I have to go to class.
~~Melissa Good-Black~~

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