Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sleep glorious sleep!

Ever since Maddox has been sleeping in the swing he has slept so well. Each night he sleeps for 5 hours wakes up to eat and then goes back down for 3 hours! This means we are well rested and it feels great! He also does so much better during the day when he has slept well at night. So some people may frown at us for allowing him to sleep in the swing each night, but we just say you do what you gotta do! Maddox has also had no spit up incidences since sleeping in the swing propped up, so we know he feels better. We have also implemented a new nighttime bath routine. He loves to take a bath! When he starts to get fussy and sleepy in the evenings we bring out the tub. It calms him down and lets him know its almost time for bed. Once he gets out and gets his jammies on he is happy and content and sometimes doses off without being nursed. We think the bedtime routine has also helped out his sleeping problems.

Maddox is getting big...He weighs about 8lbs now...Yay! He is even starting to get little rolls...they are so cute, but they are a booger to clean between. His clothes still don't really fit well. He has a few (meaning 2) outfits that fit him. Onesies are still big, but the newborn size sleepers are starting to fit a lot better now! He is really good at holding his head up now, he loves to look around at everything. Jamie got a good smile out of him the other morning at 4am. He was up to nurse and was in a really good mood. Hes got a great smile..all gums!

We had a great weekend! It rained almost all weekend so we stayed inside a lot. Saturday we did get to go out to the pool with our friends Barry and Anita again. Maddox slept through this again. I think he is holding out to have his first swim at MiMi and Paw Paw's! For fathers day we went to church and heard a great sermon about leaving a legacy. Maddox's pediatrician Dr. McGhee was preaching. He was great. You can hear the sermon if you like just visit www.cccruston.com ! All Brian wanted for fathers day was to spend the day with Jamie and Maddox, so that's what we did! We had a fun and relaxing day. Oh, Jamie also made homemade bread on Saturday without a bread machine....it was mmm mmm good! This weekend we have plans to wake up Saturday morning and go pick blueberries at the local blueberry patch! We cant wait to get them home to make some yummy recipes! This weekend is also the peach festival so we are definitely going to get some peaches...they are sooo yummy!

Well that's about all that's been going on up here. Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying their summer!

Love you all!


Greg said...

Hope to see yall this weekend and meet Little Maddox. If not, i'll be back in 2 weeks for a little while.

Denise Cavin said...

Sounds like things are going GREAT! I'm looking forward to seeing Maddox's rolls! Jamie, you'll have to tell me how you made the bread, I've been wanting to try. We'll see you Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie and Brian! Maddox is such a beautiful, adorable baby. Thank you for posting all the great pictures on this website. I look forward to reading your future posts!

Lisa Kunitz

Ellen said...

Hi Jamie and Brian:
I am so glad you found something that works for Maddox and the sleeping issue. Maddie slept in her swing for the first year of her life and I tell you what...I was a god send. My two cents are you do what works and if it works, stick with it. Thanks for the pictures and updates. I enjoy reading them and seeing how he is constantly changing. He is a precious little baby...congratulations. You guys are very blessed.

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