Saturday, June 10, 2006

Something New

So, it wasn't Maddox's first haircut, but it was Brian's first time at cutting hair. We decided to keep the little guy's hair just as it was when he left he hospital, but it had grown some more. A mutual decision was reached. Brian gets to cut the hair and if Jamie didn't approve of the outcome then it was all going to be shaved. We posted a picture of the new hair do; we'll let the picture speak for itself. The main excitement of late though has been...getting out of the house (and Ruston). It seems that since his birth we've been hermits, but we decided finally we wanted to try the mall, and a movie in Monroe (about a 30min drive) on Saturday. It was great, and it helped that Maddox was very calm the whole time. We went to see Over the Hedge (Maddox says its his favorite movie so far) we liked it pretty well too. Afterward we went on to Wal-Mart for some groceries and diapers (those little boogers seem to disappear - where do 60 diapers a week go?) This experience was a little less happy for us as Maddox decided that only being carried was good enough for him, which continued for the duration of the evening. He also seems to attract a lot of attention when we go places. Everyone likes to comment on how little he is. Most people think he is only a week or so old, they are shocked to hear he is almost 6weeks old (tomorrow!) People always want to stop and look at him and talk to us about him and of course comment on how cute and adorable he is, sometimes its flattering and other times we would like to shop/eat in peace.
On Sunday we went to church. Maddox got to go in the nursery, it was him and one other baby. The lady that was in there said he only cried once. When Jamie went to go pick him up he was all swaddled up in her arms and she was rocking him....what a rough life! After church we went out to eat with some friends for some Chineese food...yum! Then later in the day we went swimming with our friends Barry and Anita. We were going to let Maddox try swimming out but he decided to go to sleep and slept the entire time we were out there. It was kinda nice because we got to enjoy our pool time. Maybe next time he can go for a swim. After swimming we went out for Johnny's pizza, then we came home and crashed! Maddox slept really well this weekend and so did we. Some poeple may say we are crazy but we considered this weekend to be very relaxing...we got out of the house, had fun, and slept well!

Posting more pictures for your viewing pleasure. We hear about you readers out there, so why don't you leave us a comment next time you stop in for an update? We sure would like to hear from everyone!

Hope everyone's enjoying the week...until next time.


Denise Cavin said...

Comment: the movie Tristan & Isolde makes me really mad. (I just watched it).
We liked Over The Hedge, too. I'm glad Maddox enjoyed it! He does attract attention. It was wierd in Z buffet when the people would come by and just look and never go away. Does that happen often?

Sara said...

Good job on the haircut!

Shell and Chris said...

hey girl
i always check in, but hardly ever comment! sorry!
great hair cut brian-tho i'm not real sure i remember what it looked like before.......
glad to hear you guys are getting out of the house. you can go crazy staying in so long!
maddox is finally getting some meat on his bones and some little cheeks. lookin good!!

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