Tuesday, June 27, 2006

All smiles!

Thats Maddox! This weekend he started smiling. Saturday morning he woke up so we put him in the bed with us. He was in a really good mood and we were just enjoying talking to him, then he just started grinning! Now he grins all the time! Its really cute. We havent gotten a picture of it yet but we promise we will try! He also started rolling over too! He can roll from his stomach to his back all by himself! The first time he did this we both looked at each other and said"did you roll him over?" When we both agreed neither of us had helped him we concluded he must have done it himself, and sure enough he did it again right in front of our eyes. Now if we put him on his stomach he is most likely going to roll onto his back. It seems like overnight things change and he can do new things! It is really neat!

Maddox still attracts A LOT of attention anywhere we go. Everyone always talks about how little he is. We dont really understand this, if they would just look at us they would understand why we have such a little baby....we are not big people by any means. Mostly people ask if he was a preemie, or ask about how much he weighed when he was born. This gets a little annoying after you hear it for the 10th time in one day. His patch of hair is also going to be shaved. Jamie is getting a little tired of the attention it brings too. Its amazing the comments people make about it or they just stare and we feel like we have to explain why he has the patch of hair. But the comment we always hear and of course its the best one is "he's sooo cute" Yep we know he's cute! And we take it as a compliment because he is a product of both of us, so that says something about us too! ;)

This weekend we brought Maddox blueberry picking! We woke up saturday morning and headed out to the local blueberry patch to pick some berries. We ended up picking about 2 gallons! They are so yummy! We made some yummy blueberry cheescake ice cream and some blueberry muffins. Tonight we are making a blueberry crisp for our Bible study group!
We also went to a reception for our friend Ben who got married earlier this month. Maddox enjoyed being carried around by his dad and of course he enjoyed all the attention. After the reception we brought him over to a friends house and we played a round of poker, Maddox and Jamie came in second!! Way to go!

Sunday was church and then we went over to Nana and PJ's house (Brian's parents). Maddox slept through most of this, and when we did wake him up to meet everyone he started screaming. It was just bad timing. He usually naps most of the afternoon and we have learned it is usually not a good idea to wake him up in the middle of a nap.

Overall we had a pretty busy weekend, the main reason we havent gotten around to posting until today.

Friday we leave to go to MiMi and Paw Paws house (Jamie's parents). Its about a six hour drive, hopefully it wont take us longer. We are going to travel in the evening so maybe Maddox will sleep for most of the journey. We'll come back on Tuesday! We are really looking forward to this trip and we know Jamie's parents are too. This will be only their second time to see Maddox! It will be our mini vacation for the summer.

We hope everyone is having a great week so far! We will probably post sometime this weekend or early next week when we get back from our trip! In the meantime here are some more pictures to enjoy....

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