Monday, May 08, 2006

Perfect in every way!

Have we said how perfect our little Maddox is? We just think he is the most beautiful baby ever!! We think he gets cuter each day we see him. Of course our opinion may be a little biased.
Now for the update: He is doing great!! And they are finally letting us hold him!! Yay! Jamie got to hold him yesterday. He fit so perfect in her arms. What a wonderful feeling. In all the pictures so far he has been sleeping, this is because he does this a lot. He only opens his eyes for us every once in a while and we usually are jsut in awe to see them that we dont think about taking a picture. We'll try to get a shot of him with his eyes open soon!
He is still having a little trouble with his breathing so the nasal canula is still in but it only gives him a little bit of an extra pressure of oxygen. They hope to take it off of him in the next day or so. All of his IVs are out of is head!! He had two up there one for his immunoglobins and the other as a back up. He finished his immunoglobins yesterday, and they decided to just take the back up one out. So now he just has 2 IVs one in each arm. He was under the bili lights again yesterday because his count was back up. It's really not a big deal but since they have the lights there they might as well use them and get his count back down. Plus, having jaundice makes his veins weaker so we want to try and keep the jaundice away so they dont have to stick him a lot. Other than that he is doing great. He does not have a blood infection!! The blood cultures never grew anything, so that was great news. We still dont know exactly what kind of infection it is, probably just a little cold or something like that. His immune system was just low when he was born and couldn't fight it off. He is eating great! They are now feeding him 40ml at each feeding which is a little more than an ounce. He is digesting it great and taking it great. We still dont know when we get to try nursing but we are hoping it is very soon. Jamie is just trying to keep up with his demand which has not been easy.
Thats pretty much all. Brian has gone back to work today, something neither of us are excited about. Maybe it will make the week pass by faster. Jamie goes today to get her staples removed. She has healed wonderfully and is getting around really well with very little pain. We are just anxiously awaiting his arrival home. The doctor has said that should be at the end of the week! Just in time for Mother's Day! Now we will have a little more time to prepare for his homecoming! We will continue to keep updates and pictures here so keep checking in!
Love you all!

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