Friday, May 05, 2006

He can eat!!

Yay!! Today he got to eat! It was only a little bit, but it will be increased over the next few days. Today he got 5ml out of a bottle and this evening he will get 10ml. Tomorrow it will be increased to 15 and then 20. Hopefully on Sunday we can try nursing!! The feeding that we got to be there for today was just a tease for him, he was fussing and smaking for more. Hopefully tonight he was more satisfied with the increase in milk.
He is doing great! Its amazing how much stronger he is getting each day! They plan on taking out his Artery line (draws blood) tonight and maybe even the IVs in his head. Once they do this we can start holding him. They also plan on moving him to a bed tonight or tomorrow. Today he was under the bili lights because he was a little bit jaundice. This is not uncommon for newborns. They plan on removing those tonight too. His eyes were covered today since he was under the lights but when they fed him they took off the eye covering and we got to see his eyes for just a bit.
We are still doing great. We like to just sit and watch him. Its just fun to just be next to him. Of course we would love to just stay there all day but thats just not possible. Soon enough we will have him at home and we can snuggle and watch him as much as we want. I think he definately going to be a spoiled little squirt!
The pictures are from today when his eye mask was off. We also took a picture of his feet because he has such long toes!! We have no idea where he got those from!
We love you all! You can email us if you want to know anymore or just want to say hi!

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