Wednesday, May 10, 2006

He is wonderful!!

Maddox is doing perfect! He only has one IV left and that gives him his antibiotics which he finishes in a few days. We can hold him as much as we want to now!! He feels so wonderful in our arms. And more good news...he is nursing now!! And he is a pro at it! We started nursing yesterday and the first time went great!! A lactation consultant was there to help Jamie and Maddox out, and he took to it right away with no problems!! Jamie goes over there around noon for a feeding and then we go back together for his feeding at 6. If he was closer it would be easier to nurse at more feedings but 30 mins is a long drive and Jamie still needs to get her rest.
Not much else is going on. He is now just a normal newborn. We cannot believe he is already a week old!! Wow time flies! He sleeps most of the day and the nurses just love him because he doesnt fuss and is always so content. Hopefully he will continue to be like this at home. We still dont have a discharge date, but we know it is coming up soon. Hopefully he will be home this weekend!
We are doing great, still adjusting to the new schedule and we stay pretty tired. Brian is back at work and Jamie is taking care of things around the house to get ready for Maddox's arrival home. We will post a date as soon as we know what it is. Thanks for the continued prayers!
Have a blessed day!

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Denise Cavin said...

Oh my GOODNESS!! You both look so "natural" holding Maddox (I know that's what everybody says--am I not part of the everybody crowd?). As I figure you do not want to be bombarded with visiters right away at home, just give us a date by which it will be okay to drop by! I can survive on pictures until then, but it will be hard...

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