Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddox!

Yay! It is Maddox's 3rd birthday! He is SO excited! We will be spending the day doing lots of fun things. We are planning to go to Sci-Port, a discovery science center, in Shreveport and then going to eat at Chick-a-laid (aka. Chick-fil-A).

We are so thankful and blessed to have Maddox! He is such a joy to be around.
Some fun things that are going on in his life right now: He loves to talk and ask questions. He talks a lot and very well. He is a very inquisitive little boy and likes to know how and why things are the way they are.

He says funny and cute things all day long, Jamie was tickled the other day when he told her she looked like a princess, she was dressed for church in a flowing skirt, he was so cute and serious when he said it. He also likes to tell us "stop frustrating me!" Our telling him to use his words has kind of backfired on us a time or too! ;) We try to remember funny things he tells us but he says so many throughout the say it is hard to remember.

Maddox is really into meeting new people. Everywhere we go he asks almost every stranger what his or her name is then he'll stick out his hand and say "nice to meet you." Everyone that gets this special little introduction is just tickled by it. Maddox always brightens our day and it is so fun to watch him brighten other people's day too!

We had a little birthday party for the boys last weekend. The boys had a great time with all of their little friends! Maddox was super excited about his birthday party and his cake! Jamie made him a LarryBoy cake. Larry Boy is a character from Veggie Tales, a show that he really likes. We enjoyed visiting with everyone and getting to spend some time with family too!

We hope you all have enjoyed keeping up with this blog for the last 3 years! We'll continue to post here, especially since it serves as the boys baby books!

A little note for Maddox~
Maddox, you are so awesome and such a joy in our lives! We thank God for you every day and the blessing that you are. Keep up your feisty little spirit, God will use it in big ways!
Happy Birthday!

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The Arguellos said...

I like your description of Maddox. He sounds so cute and friendly! Also, I'm super amazing by Jamie's cake skills!!! Where do you learn to make cakes like that, Jamie?! Great to hear from y'all!!

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