Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Harris!!

On Saturday Harris turned a year old! What a wonderful day it was! We were at Jamie's parent's house for the Easter weekend so we celebrated Harris's birthday and Jamie's birthday there. We had some yummy crawfish, and icecream cake.

Harris especially loved his cake! We ended up having to take the cake away from him because he was trying to eat the whole thing. He would have been one sick little boy if he would have eaten all of that cake.

Some one year stats: He weighs 18lbs and is 28in long. His blue eyes have definitely stayed blue and he still has very little hair. What hair he does have is so blonde it looks white.
He knows how to blow kisses now and how to woof like a dog. He LOVES his big brother and likes to do everything that Maddox does. When Harris sees Maddox his face lights up with joy. The two of them together are quite a sight and they definitely keep Jamie on her toes during the day.

Harris is a such a sweet sweet blessing. We are so thankful that God has blessed our family with him.

Here are some pictures of Maddox dying easter eggs. We stripped him down to his skivvys to try and avoid any dye on clothing.

Expect some great new pictures soon. Jamie got a new camera for her birthday and has been very busy trying it out and learning all of it's features. We also got a new video camera so hopefully some video will get posted soon too.

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Denise C said...

Yay Harris! He sure is cute! Maddox gets more handsome every day, too. I love the blog's new look!

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