Thursday, July 24, 2008

A bunch of pictures

We have been crazy busy lately! We are buying a new house so the last few weeks we have been busy trying to sell our house (done) and get things together for the new house. Not to mention packing too. We close on both houses on Aug. 6th! We are so very excited! Our house now is getting pretty snug. We found a bigger house with an amazing backyard. The house needs some work, especially on the inside, think 80's wallpaper in every room, but we are all set to get started with some renovations!
The boys have been great! Maddox has been enjoying going to Mothers Day Out. His last day is next Thursday, it has been a great time for everyone and we will be sad when it is over!

Maddox is a blast to be around and we are learning 2 is a very challenging but fun age. We have been having a lot of success with potty training! Hopefully we can have that done and over with very soon! He is very active and always want to be on the go and playing outside.

Harris is great! He is such a happy baby all of the time. He'll be 4 months on the 11th of Aug. He has started laughing and rolling over. Maddox is the best at making him laugh, Harris loves his big brother!

We won't be posting a new blog for a while. We are busy packing right now, then we move into the new house and then we are leaving for a beach vacation 3 days after we close on the house. We have a busy few weeks ahead. A week at the beach will be the perfect end to all the house buying stress!

We hope you enjoy all the pictures!

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