Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A big fish and a little fish...

We decided to put Maddox in swimming lessons this summer because we thought he would really like it and that he really needed it. Well we are so glad we did. Apparently we are parents to a part human part fish. Maddox is crazy in the pool. He LOVES to swim and is very good at it. His teacher was blown away by what he would do in the water. And, we are very pleased with how well he can hold his breath underwater and come up for air when needed. He can hold it well enough to dive for quarters at the bottom of the pool. He really enjoyed jumping off the diving board and the popsicles he would get after every lesson. We learned a lot of ways to help him with his swimming and his technique. After his swimming lessons we went to Jamie's parents for the weekend and he got to swim around some more and practice his new skills.

Harris go to go swimming for the first time while we were at Jamie's parent's. He seemed to really like it and was very content in the water. So now we have a big fish and a little fish.

He went straight to sleep after swimming!

It seems like we have been so busy this summer. We have Maddox in Mothers Day Out right now and that is a huge help to Jamie. She is now able to get more things done around the house and run errands with just one little one in tow. She hopes to get started on some new sewing projects soon.

Here are some more pictures that we have taken the last few weeks:

Happy 50th Birthday PawPaw!!

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