Friday, March 07, 2008


Only in Louisiana can it be 65 degrees with not a cloud in the sky one day and SNOWING the next!! This isn't just a little snow either, it is actually accumulating! Of course, the high tomorrow is in the 50's, so this will only last a short time.

What a fun day for Maddox! We have already spent a few hours playing outside in what he calls "no." Jamie finally got Maddox down for a nap. He was very worried about the snowman we built outside and could not settle down. Thankfully the snow is supposed to remain for the rest of today and through tonight so after the nap we can play outside some more.

Just thought you all would enjoy pictures of our snow!

This is our snowman. He has leaves for eyes and a strawberry for a nose. Maddox did not think the snowman should be wearing a hat. We got pictures of it before the hat was removed.


Shell and Chris said...

I'm jealous we do not have snow! I hear we have a chance of getting some tonight...but we will not be out playing in it. Great pictures! Enjoy it while it lasts.

Crystal Garcia said...

WE also enjoyed the snow day, although Josiah did not get nearly as excited as maddox!

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Denise said...

We need a new post! How's the new baby coming along?

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