Friday, February 29, 2008

More Crystal Beach and a Camping Trip

We decided to post some more pictures we took from our Crystal Beach vacation. Maddox has been talking about the beach ever since we got back. Good thing we are taking a beach trip this summer!

Last weekend we took Maddox camping! He of course loved it and loved being outside with boys. We went with another couple and 2 other guys. It was pretty chilly outside especially at night but Maddox was a trooper. He really liked just sitting by the fire at night and roasting marshmallows. It was a great experience and we plan on going again this summer.

The little monster has been very active and talkative lately. He entertains anyone who will look at him wherever we go. He is very much a people person. His vocabulary has been growing everyday. We are surprised and amused by the things that come out of this boys mouth. He also talks non stop during the day and has a habit of narrating his whole day, even if no one is listening. He has also taken to singing. He makes up songs throughout the day, some are very interesting. He definitely keeps us entertained.

The weather has been nice so we have spent a lot of time outside playing with sticks and dirt. We have also been spending some time working on potty training. We introduced the potty a long time ago and have experienced a lot of success in the past few weeks. Of course Maddox chooses which days he will use his potty and which days he wants nothing to do with it....but that's a start right?? Hopefully as the weeks go on this will improve and one day in the near future we will only have one baby in diapers.

The countdown for new baby has begun! We have about 7 weeks until we get to meet this little one. We have a date for the c-section scheduled and will plan on having a baby that day unless Jamie goes into labor earlier. Everything is going great with the baby. We had hoped to put some ultrasound pictures up but our scanner is broken so that wont be happening. Baby is growing fine and everything looks normal. Jamie is enjoying buying some new pink and blue things for this baby and getting new baby and Maddox's room together. We'll post pictures of their room as soon as it is all finished.

That's all for now!


Anonymous said...

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Crystal Garcia said...

Looks like fun! OOO I can't wait to find out what the little one is!

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