Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Adventures of Ma-keek

Maddox has started calling himself Ma-keek. If you ask him what his name is this is what he says. It sounds really cute. He has also started saying things like Ma-keek walk, Ma-keek down, Ma-keek coming. Everything he wants to do himself he uses his name with. We have been really impressed with his verbal development lately, especially when he strings words together like "daddy home" or "love you daddy" or "daddy come." Maddox definitely has a thing for his daddy. He likes to talk about him all day and cries when he leaves for work in the morning. One other really cute thing he has started doing is calling out "hey baaabe" when he wants Brian for something. Jamie does this and apparently Maddox has picked up on it. It makes us all laugh!

Jamie and Maddox made a King Cake the other day for Mardi Gras. Maddox got to help decorate and eat it. These pictures were taken after the mess was cleaned up. Icing and sugar were everywhere including on the dogs. The only breathing thing in the house that was not covered in icing was Lizard. Maddox had a great time with the cake, he loves to help "make" things.

Maddox got to go to the beach for the first time this last weekend!! We celebrated Jamie's PawPaw's 80th birthday with the whole family at Crystal Beach. We all had a great time. We'll post more pictures of the event in another post but for now here are some of the pictures of Maddox's beach experience.

Checking out a hermit crab with Uncle E

We have been taking lots of pictures lately and we have lots to blog about so we promise more blog posts are on the way. We know there are a few people who have been anxiously awaiting a new post so we figured we would go ahead and get this one up.
But stay tuned for more Crystal Beach weekend pictures, Valentines pictures, and new baby ultrasound pictures!

Love you all!!


Anonymous said...

I like the picture of you and your dump truck. It looks a lot like one I have. I had fun playing with you at my house. Thanks for visiting...and for sharing your cheerios.

Crystal Garcia said...

Well its about time! hehe, Maddox is so cute and looking like such a big boy!

Carha said...

This is great info to know.

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