Monday, January 21, 2008

A New Bed and Lots of Sickness

Right after Christmas we decided to move Maddox into a twin size bed. We were a little hesitant at first and did not know what to expect. Maddox took to it great, we were a little suprised by the ease of it. He loves his new bed and we have had no trouble with it at all. It is actually kind of cute when he comes and wakes us up in the morning!
As the title of the post says we have been dealing with lots of sickness in the Volentine household, which has prevented us from posting a new blog. The first to get sick was Maddox. It was a nasty virus turned ear infection, then the ear infection wouldn't go away so we had to do some serious antibiotics. Thankfully the last round of antibiotics seemed to clear it up and we narrowly escaped tubes. The virus and ear infections really got him down and he just wasn't himself for about 2 weeks. We can definitely say that he is feeling a lot better now and has all of his energy back!
Jamie was the next (and last hopefully)to get sick. She got the flu. She is still recovering but is feeling much better. All the time taking care of Maddox while he was sick definitely took a toll on her body. Because she is pregnant they wouldn't let her take the magic flu drug so the prescription was lots of fluids and rest.

Everything else is going great. Maddox is of course as cute as ever! He loves to talk all the time and has recently started "talking" with his hands. He'll tell a complete story, of which we only understand a few words, and use his hands and body to get his story told. It is very cute. He has really started to enjoy coloring, especially with markers! He likes to draw lots of pictures of nakes (snakes) and Mimi. Maddox has a new pet lizard named "lizard." Maddox is fascinated with our common house geko and loves to give him water and crickets to eat. Lizard has a lovely home in a 10 gallon aquarium that sits on a table in our living room. ;) We have all become quite attached to lizard.

New baby is doing great too. Everything seems to be going great. We only have 3 more months until we get to meet this new little person. The wait is going by a lot faster this time around!
This picture is of a special Staturday morning donut run (they don't happen very often but Maddox knows what a treat they are!)
Not much else has gone on over the last month. It feels like the month has flown by with fevers and doctors appointments!
We hope you all enjoy the pictures!

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Denise said...

Gosh, Jamie. I hope you get over that mess soon. I can't imagine having a toddler, a pregnant belly, AND the flu! You are a super mom!

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