Monday, April 16, 2007

Long Awaited.......

Apparently people have been waiting for a new post. So here you go....

We still have not gotten our pictures from our little vacation we took a few weeks ago, but we thought we would post some pictures that we have taken over the last few weeks.

Maddox is getting so big. He amazes us everyday. It is amazing how fast they pick up on things. He has started to stand by himself..alot. So, walking should not be too far off. He enjoys walking while holding onto our hand and cruising the furniture of course.

He loves to play with balls and has mastered throwing them too. Throwing the tennis ball so our dog Fletcher can go fetch it is one of his favorite games. He also likes to get into everything! We now have cabinet locks on the dangerous cabinets. The cabinets without locks get emptied at least twice daily. Taking objects out of things and putting them back in is also one of his favorite things to do, although he hasn't mastered putting things back into the cabinet!

He talks....alot! Lately the sweet sounds have turned into loud screeches, screams, and growls. He gets a kick out of making these noises. He has also started mimicking words we say and carrying on conversations with us. He now says mama and dada and uses them appropriately. He can also say dog and we are working on ball. We know what he is saying when he says ball but it may not be as clear to other people. Pointing has become a new game too. He loves to point to something so we can tell him what it is.

Outside is his most favorite place. He knows what the word outside means and he also knows where the doors are. If we say outside or go near a door we better be ready to go! We really enjoy just being outside with him. He loves to play in the dirt so we got him his very own shovel. He knows just what to do with it and loves to fling dirt around with it.

Over Easter weekend we went to Jamie's parents house. We had a great time. They heated the pool for us so we got to go swimming on Friday, unfortunately it was a little too chilly for Maddox to swim. The water temperature was great but the outside temperature was cold! Saturday we had a great crawfish boil! Maddox got to have his first encounter with a crawfish. We took some pictures of course.

Yesterday was Jamie's birthday. We spent it hanging out at home and playing outside and Friday night our friends watched Maddox for us and we went out for dinner and some ice cream.

Not too much else has been going on. Be on the lookout for a new blog by Jamie. She is going to start blogging about her purse making business. Hopefully it will bring on some new business and it is also a way for her to show off her creations!
Hopefully all these pictures and the long post is enough to make up for the lack of posting over the last few weeks.
Have a great week!!

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Denise Cavin said...

At last! Seeing pics of Maddox doing "grown up baby" things makes me think about Caroline doing those things one day! It makes me happy and sad!

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