Saturday, December 30, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This post is WAY overdue! We have been super busy lately and seem to have forgotten to get a new post up. We looked back and realized the last post was on Dec. 15th! Ooops! That was a while ago!

We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!
Our Christmas started the Friday before Christmas. We went over to Brian's parents house to celebrate with them. We ate a yummy Christmas lunch and enjoyed spending time with them and opening presents. Maddox decided that he was not going to take a nap the whole time we were there. He probably didn't want to miss anything.
Maddox was not too interested in opening presents. He was mostly fascinated by tags and paper that was on the floor. He played with some of his new toys and then finally crashed rocking with Jamie. We headed home not long after that and started packing for our trip to Houston the next morning.

PJ got Maddox to laugh by putting on his new flashlight. We all got a pretty good laugh out of it too!

We decided to leave as early as we could Saturday morning in hopes that Maddox would sleep most of the way. We were able to get on the road by 5:30 am!! Maddox slept pretty much the whole way and only got upset when we were about 30mins from Jamie's parents house. Of course we all took naps later that day because we were so tired from getting up at 4:15.
Maddox and Jamie both caught some sort of a cold before we left and it was in full force the day we got there. We ended up having to call to get Maddox a prescription because he got pink eye. He was pretty miserable and ran fever off and on. Christmas Eve was an especially rough day for him with fever and nasty congestion. Thankfully we were feeling better Christmas morning and much better the day after Christmas.
We spent Christmas Eve doing some last minute shopping and then that night we went to Jamie's parent's neighbor's house for a Christmas Eve party. They are Scottish so of course the party was fun!
Christmas morning we got up and opened presents. Again, Maddox was not too interested in opening them. He liked climbing on his presents more. We ate some yummy monkey bread for breakfast and then played with our new toys.

Maddox got a new Dallas Cowboys outfit for Christmas from his PawPaw so he wore that as his Christmas outfit because it was game day for the Cowboys.

That afternoon Jamie's aunt and uncle and cousin came over for lunch. We ate some more yummy food then played a fun board game.
Tuesday was Jamie's mom's birthday. Jamie and her mom went after Christmas shopping in the morning then we started packing up to head home.

Wednesday was an exciting day because we got to hang out as a family at home. Brian had the day off so we spent some quality family time together. We also got to go shopping for our new glider rocker! It should be in towards the end of January! We are really excited about our new glider and will definitely post pictures of it when it comes in. We ended up having a really great day and we were both sad to see it end and for Brian to go back to work on Thursday. But the workweek was short and now we have the long weekend to spend together again.
So on to an update about Maddox:
He is crawling now and is very good at it! He prefers crawling to scooting now. He can also pull up on everything! We have to be cautious because he often finds unsteady things to pull up on. He will be 8 months old on the 2nd!! Wow! That has gone by fast! Only 4 more months and we will be celebrating his first birthday!
He is eating a lot more now and is pretty proficient at feeding himself. He would much rather feed himself than be fed by us.

That is about all that has been going on with us. Tomorrow night we have a New Years party at our house so we have been spending today picking up around the house and getting ready for it.

We hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. We wish you a Happy New Year too!

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Shell and Chris said...

its about time...we're behind on our updates too, but i'll get to it sometime in the next few days!! looks like maddox had a fun first christmas.

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