Friday, December 15, 2006

Around the House

Maddox has been busy around the house these days. We thought we would post some pictures of him in action.
He LOVES to eat now but only table food. He screams when we give him baby food or spits it out. He likes the chewing (gumming) that he gets to do with table food. We have included a couple of pictures of him eating some avacado. He loves avacado, peas, bread, carrots....etc etc. Basically he loves anything he can eat himself.

We tried giving him some baby food green beans but as you can see from these pictures he wasn't too fond of them and they ended up on his face instead.

Now whenever we are busy in the kitchen we put him on the floor to play instead of his exersaucer. If we put him in his exersaucer he gets mad because he can't move around on the floor. While moving around on the floor he discovered the dog bowls. He is fascinated with them and thinks he just has to have them. Don't worry we pick them up before he can get to them. We took this while Maddie was eating and Maddox wanted to help her finish it!

He also likes digging in his toy box. Pulling up on this and getting to stand is probably his most favorite thing besides eating of course. He also loves to climb all over us and he is very strong so we really have to watch and hold on to him.

Our computer is in Maddox's room and often when he is taking a nap we will get on to check email/update the blog/read the news etc. Well Maddox has discovered that we are still in the room and knows exactly how to find us. He scoots down to the end of the bed that the blanket is not covering and peeks out at us. Usually he starts screaming because he is mad because we are not paying attention to him, but sometimes he just likes to look at us and play.

So those are some shots of Maddox and his daily activities.

We have been doing well. Tonight we are going out on a date and leaving Maddox with a sitter. There is a new sushi place in Monroe that we would like to try out. It will be nice to have a nice evening out together.
Not too much else has been going on. We are just getting ready for Christmas. We are trying to stay focused on the real reason we celebrate Christmas, Christ's birth, and not get caught up in all the other stuff. Christmas is not about how many presents you can buy or gifts you will give. It is sad to see how people get so caught up with gift buying, Santa, and parties and forget why we celebrate the holiday. This year it was nearly impossible to find Christmas cards that actually said "Merry Christmas" all of them said "Holiday Greetings" or "Seasons Greetings". It is just another way we see the true meaning of Christmas being forgotten.
End of Soapbox. ;)

We hope you have a great weekend!
Love Always,


Shell and Chris said...

Nice to see Maddox's day to day activities. Its funny the way their character shines through at even a young age!

Denise Cavin said...

Jamie! I'm starting to freakout because I have no idea what I'm gonna need when this baby gets here. I know you guys do your research, so would you mind writing down your (Maddox's) favorite bottles, nipples, that kind of thing? I don't know! What do I need/not need? I'll tell you what I need--I NEED to get you some fabric!

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