Friday, October 13, 2006


Maddox has decided that waking up at night is a really fun thing to do. Actually he is not waking up for fun but it is because he has not been feeling well lately. Almost 2 weeks ago he started waking up screaming several time during the night, it continued on for a while so we decided to take him in to the doctor. After some blood work was done we found out that Maddox was battling a little viral infection. He showed no other sypmtoms of being sick except for being really clingy earlier in the week. The doctor figured the virus was what was causing the wake ups and it should be over within a week. So here we are now almost a week later and still getting up frequently at night, but now for a different he has a cold! We had one good night of sleep Sunday night but then he started waking up again Monday night. When we say frequently we mean about every hour and a half or so on really bad nights it was every 30 mins! But we are trucking on and hopefully can get over this little cold soon. Watching Maddox struggle with a stuffy nose makes us very thankful we know how to blow our nose and wish he could learn too.....the "booger sucker" is not his friend right now!

When we took Maddox to the doctor we found out he weighs 13lbs! They told us his height but we forgot that. He is bigger and thats all that counts! He is still doing well trying to sit up by himself. He has a lot more control over his hand movements and grasping things. Everything always goes to his mouth of course! He is a super happy baby and quite the little ham. He likes to "talk" a lot now. He will go on and on just babbling it is very cute. He has also started to grab for anything that is in our hands...bowls of cereal, drinks, forks, etc. He particularly likes cups because he likes to share a sip or two of whatever we are drinking!

We had a great time in Houston at Jamie's parents house. They were nice enough to watch Maddox on Saturday afternoon while we got to go out to lunch and to the mall together. It was a very nice and well deserved outing. Maddox had a great time while we were there. Everyone kept commenting about how much he had grown and how cute he is! He was very happy and well behaved and was very willing to be passed around.

This week we have just been relaxing and trying to catch up on some lost sleep. Brian took off Wednesday afternoon (he deserved some time off) and we all played outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

This weekend is Tech's homecoming. We have plans to go to a tailgating party and maybe catch some of the game. It all depends on how Maddox is feeling.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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