Monday, October 02, 2006

5 Months Old!!

Wow! Maddox is 5 months old today!! Time sure has flown by! We are just amazed by how wonderfully God has blessed us!
Maddox is doing great! 5 months is such a fun stage! He has started sitting up by himself. This has happened all in the last 3 days! At first he would teeter and couldn't stay up, but as the days have gone by he has really gotten his balance and can stay sitting without tumbling over for a little bit! Yay for Maddox! It is so amazing to watch how quickly they develop. He is also very fascinated with toys now and loves to grab them. This happened over a few days too! He still has a little trouble getting his hands just so on the toy but overall he is doing very well. Of course the toy goes straight to his mouth as soon as he get a hold of it! He is very ambitious and gets very frustrated at not being able to go anywhere. As soon as he gets the coordination for crawling he will be off!

He has also taken a new interest in a sippy cup. We bought him a sippy cup just for fun so he could drink out of his own cup instead of ours. He loves this sippy cup! He knows how to get the water out but can't quite tip the cup up himslef so we hold it for him. If we take the sippy cup away he starts to scream.....that little monster!
Speaking of monsters.....we think we may have a green eyed little monster on our hands! We thought Maddox's eyes were going to be blue like his daddy's but now they are blue and brown making them an interesting shade of almost army green. It is very cool! Who knows, they may still have some color changing to do and he could end up with a whole different color, but for now they are a greenish color.

Jamie and Maddox have been going with a friend and her baby for very long walks every morning. They walk for about 2 hours. This girl has a little girl who is 2 months older than Maddox...she is very cute! The walks have been very nice especially since the weather has been so beautiful. They also went to the park one day and got to feed the ducks. Maddox really enjoyed watching the ducks, they even tried to come right up to him!

Last Sunday we dressed Maddox up in "real" clothes! He wore a red onesie khaki pants and shoes! He looked like a little man! We had to take pictures because he is SO cute! Thanks aunt Laura for the super cute shoes! We got lots of compliments on them!
He is finally fitting into 0-3 month clothes well so now we can actually dress him in things besides onesies, pants are still a little big but he is getting there. Saturday Jamie and Maddox went shopping with the friend they go walking with. Maddox needed a little jacket and some hats to keep him warm on the cool mornings when they go for their walks. Of course Jamie also got him some new pants and a new long sleeve shirt too!

We are headed to Houston this weekend for a trip to Jamie's parents. We have not really been doing too much else. Brian is staying busy with work and Jamie is staying busy with Maddox. Brian took a vacation day this past Monday to relax and get ready for the busy next few weeks. We went to the park for a walk and brought a picnic lunch. The weather was beautiful and we had a wonderful relaxing day!

Thats about all thats been going on with us. We hope everyone is doing well!
Have a blessed week!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie and Brian. It was so adorable watching Maddox laugh! He has a lovable smile. Thanks for always updated this blog. I enjoy checking it often and watching Maddox grow!

-Lisa Kunitz

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