Thursday, September 14, 2006

Our Little Monster

We have been calling Maddox our little monster for quite a while now because that is exactly what he is. It is amazing how well babies get to know you and begin to know how to get what they want. Maddox has been doing this for a long time now and he has gotten really good at it. Is he spoiled.....of course! But what baby isn't! If we lay him down for a nap he'll start fussing which is normal, then after fussing for a while he'll go into a full out cry, so we go in there to make sure he is ok, as soon as you look at him he gives you this huge smile and starts to giggle. At that point it is very hard not to smile and using these antics gives him the name little monster!

Oh what fun Maddox is now! He loves to smile and laugh now! I think we have said that before. But now his personality is really starting to shine through. He is very funny and he knows it! He is also very attached to us. He doesn't like to be held by other people for long periods of time and has some seperation anxiety issues. He is very picky when it comes to the way people hold him and who he lets hold him. This is frustrating to us as parents but also very touching. People always want to hold him and love on him but he is not so fond of it "picky" is what we call it! But it is encouraging to know that he feels very secure and comfortable with us and enjoys our presense. I guess you could call him a shy baby. Eventually he may grow out of it or he may just be a shy kid. This is not to say that he is not happy around other people, he will smile, laugh, and talk to you and be an all around goofball as long as he is being held by one of us! That little monster!

Maddox is most defiantely fascinated with his hands. His goal all day is to see how long he can keep his hands in his mouth. The downfall of this is that during the process of finding his hands he has also found his thumb! So now his new thing is sucking on his thumb. So now we have a child that loves his pacifier and his thumb and probably will have a "blankie" one day too! Something we have learned as parents is that you can never say "my baby is never going to do that" because inevitably your baby will do just what you said they wouldnt do. But we really dont care if he does as long as it makes him happy and, we have a new appreciation and understanding for parents whose babies do do these's like a secret club or something!

Maddox is loving Kindermusik! Yesterday was his first time where he didnt fuss at all. He just sat and took it all in (with his hands in his mouth of course). He is very fascinated by the other children there and all the singing that goes on. Now when Jamie sings a song from class to him he gets this big grin on his face and starts singing too! We love Kindermusik!

We have joined a new small group (bible study) at our church. We are very excited about this group because most of the people in there have kids too! We all got together kids and all on tuesday night. What a blast! There were 9 kids there! Wow it was quite a houseful! The next time we meet the kids will not be present but it was fun to have all the families together for one night. We will be doing a bible study on Marriage, we can't wait!

And..... picture of Jamie's most recent purse creation:

Well thats about all for now. We have included more pictures for your viewing pleasure!

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Shell and Chris said...

so fun..its nice when parenthood is very enjoyable and rewarding, huh?

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