Monday, September 11, 2006

New pictures

Here are some new pictures we thought we would post.
Maddox loves to smile and laugh now so getting pictures of him smiling is much easier! Now taking a picture without his hands in his mouth is a whole different story. That boy loves to eat his hands. His hands are usually all wrinkled and pruned by the end of the day from all the chewing he does on them.

Maddox got a little sick after his shots last week. They upset his tummy so he was spitting up a lot tuesday night and wednesday morning. The doctor told us to keep nursing him, since that is the best for him, and to give him pedialyte between feedings. During the day on wednesday we could tell he was not feeling well at all. Poor thing just "looked" sick. By Wednesday night he was feeling much better. Thankfully it was short lived and he was back to his happy self.

We had a great weekend. Brian had to work Saturday morning so Jamie and Maddox went out with our friend Natalie. Then Jamie made a new purse. She has gotten really good at the purse making and has started to get orders for some. She has 3 different styles she makes.

Sunday was off to church in the morning and then we went to Brian's parent's church for lunch.

We haven't really done anything too exciting this past week. We do have another camping trip planned for the end of September. We are going to camp at Enchanted Rock in Fredricksburg, TX. We are very excited about this. Brian is going to take a few days off from work and we are hoping to have a nice little vacation.

Well thats about it!
Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Jennifer said...

I love my purse! Thanks, Jamie. I'm gonna post a picture of it on my blog one of these days.

Shell and Chris said...

great pictures, maddox.
i think these are the best pics i've seen of him.

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