Thursday, June 01, 2006

One less body part

Well Jamie officially has one less body part....her gall bladder. They were able to get her in for sugery yesterday around 3pm and she went home around 7pm. Her gall bladder was about 2/3 full of tiny bb size gall stones and one was in the duct, so they squeezed it out. She is doing great and only has 4 tiny cuts on her stomach from the surgery. She stayed home with Maddox today and got some rest with him. Thankfully he has decided to sleep the whole day.
Because she had to be given a bag of IV antibiotics she has not been able to nurse Maddox, but she has been pumping her milk and throwing it out to keep her supply up. She should be able to nurse him again this evening. The doctor said give it 24 hours. We are very dedicated to nursing and will not let a little thing like this get in the way. Brian has been able to feed Maddox, which he enjoys. Brian woke up and fed Maddox his bottles last night while Jamie pumped. I think we are all glad that Maddox will be returning to nursing tonight though. Bottles can be a bit of a pain. Also, Maddox does not like the formula as much as breastmilk. He spits up and burps a lot after a bottle. Plus, formula stinks! Yuk it smells bad after he spits it up we do not find this with breastmilk. Anyway, we are just glad that he will be able to continue nursing.
We just wanted to update and let everyone know what was going on and how Jamie was doing. Hopefully this will be the end of everything and our lives can return back to a semi-normal state with no surgeries, doctors appts etc. We would like to stay away from hospitals for a while.
We promise to take more pictures of Maddox this weekend. Things have been super busy so we havent taken a lot, but we'll make up for it.
Have a great day!
Until the next post......


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