Monday, June 05, 2006

A Great Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend!
Aside from Maddox being incredibly moody all weekend it was great! Jamie's sister, Angela and brother, Eric and Amy came to visit us. It was all their first time to see Maddox and get to hold him! We had a great time. They all agree with us that he is the cutest baby ever! Unfortunately he was rather moody so they got to see a side of him most people don't see. We think he was just still upset from last week's craziness. I think everyone had a great time though. They were very excited to see him and we were very excited to show him off.
We were able to finish our flower beds in the backyard thanks to our built in babysitters and it was nice to let other people hold him while we got some things done and spent some much needed time together.
Our schedule got very upset last week and we could tell it was affecting Maddox. Thankfully today everything seems to be back to normal. Maddox is in a great mood and is back to a more normal sleeping and eating schedule. He went for his one month check up on Friday. He weighs 6lbs 8oz and is 20 inches long. If you read the previous post he had gone to the doctor on Tuesday and they had measured him and said he was still 18 1/2 inches long....this was wrong, they obviously did not strech him out enough to measure him. He is finally starting to fill out. He is still small for 5 weeks old but, I think we have decided we just make small babies. Good news, he is starting to outgrow his preemie sleepers. If he streches out in them his toes curl up in the feet. Unfortunately they dont make a size between preemie and newborn so his other clothes are still really big for him. We have one outfit that fits...his khaki overalls....thanks Michelle and Chris! We put him in it yesterday when we went to a function. Its a preemie size too! At least his clothes are lasting him a long time and he is getting a lot of wear from some of them. Mostly he just wears onesies that are too big for him, just because they are easy and they are not too obviously oversized for him. We tried to take more pictures this weekend but there were not many times when he wasnt sleeping or screeming so we didn't get too many.
An update on Jamie: She is healing great! She has been back on her feet and doing normal things since the day after surgery. She was tired for a while and is still a little sore but other than that she feels great. She goes to get her staples out on Wednesday. We should have told the surgeon to remove any other non-needed parts while in there, then maybe we wouldnt have to worry about them later. But hopefully this was and will be the end of it. She and Maddox plan on getting out for walks in the morning to get back into an exercise routine. She has lost the baby weight but would like to get back in shape since she hasnt been able to do much since Maddox was born.
Brian has been keeping busy with work stuff. He has also been working in the yard a lot to try and get our grass and landscaping looking great! He really likes to work outside. He is a great help with Maddox too and the perfect Dad! He even likes changing diapers! What a champ!
Well thats an update for the past couple of days. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!
Love you all.....


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