Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Fun!

So that is how we found them. Sound asleep. This habit started because Harris decided he was not going to sleep in his crib anymore. He started screaming when we put him in his crib so we took his crib apart, put his mattress on the floor, and no more screaming. As you can see this sleeping arrangement led to new challenges. Every night we have to get the boys to stay in their own bed.
These brothers they sure do love each other! I think if we just bought a double bed they'd sleep together.

It has rained a LOT lately and that led to...finding ways to enjoy the outdoors in the rain! First the boys were just throwing leaves into the water then came touching the water and finally they were all in. The boys ran through this ditch over and over again until Dad finally said that it had to be naptime (for like the third time).

Besides this guy's nice overalls, this pic has some other fun Maddox with a giant snake. Some kids might find this creepy or something, but Maddox just went right up and grabbed it.

Although the snake was pretty cool the real reason we went to Lifeway in Shreveport was to see Bob and Larry from Veggietales. The boys were pretty excited and quite surprised since we didn't tell them what we were going to see and just let them see it for themselves. Harris was a little unsure at first but then he warmed up and enjoyed poking Bob in mouth.

Normally you can't pull Maddox away from a firetruck but this picture was taken just moments before Maddox flew through the air into his Dad's arms. The fireman on the other side did not see us and blew the air horn (which was right below Maddox's feet) and we all jumped, though none quite as far as Maddox.

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