Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Summer is Drawing to an End

It seems like our summer months were a blur,and it is now the middle of August!! We have kept so busy this summer and have enjoyed the warm weather, it makes for great swimming and slip and slide days!
The boys are both now sporting some pretty impressive tans, the darker Maddox gets the more he reminds us of Jamie's brother, Eric (uncle E),who we have concluded must be part mexican.

Maddox is getting ready to start preschool in September!! We have all been looking forward to it for quite some time. He'll go 9am-noon 5 days a week. He is more than ready for it and so is Jamie, although it will be quiet and a little lonely without him around. Maddox has always brought a special fun to our days, he has a great personality. Harris will be very lonely without Maddox around. Those two play so much together. But, Harris will definitely love the one on one Mommy time, at least until January.

Speaking of Harris, what a hoot that boy is. He has a very funny sense of humor. He is talking a lot now and has some new words the ones that come to mind are "more cracker, bubble and cow. He has lots more but it is always hard to remember what they are. He also likes to say "uh uh" and shake his head no anytime you ask him a question.

He is our master climber and knows how to climb onto the couch now along with many other things. He tries to do everything Maddox does and has no idea he is two years younger. Harris is a full blown toddler now complete with throwing fits and everything. It's funny how they can go from baby to toddler in about 12 hours.
He has 6 teeth and 2 more coming in. He is finally getting some hair and will most definitely be a cotton top, his hair is very very light.

We have had some great rainstorms the last few days. The boys love to play in the rain so the rain is a great playtime activity. Brian enjoys playing in the rain too so he is always very eager to take the boys out in it.

Brian's birthday was in July so Jamie and the boys made him a cake. Maddox put the sprinkles on! Maddox has also been saying that Brian wanted swords for his birthday, so daddy got 2 light sabers for his birthday. This is a picture of Maddox showing off the light sabers.

Maddox also thought daddy needed a new firetruck, helicopter, and ambulance but we stuck with just the swords.

We took a trip to the park with our friends the Cavin's the other day. This is a picture of Maddox and their little girl Caroline. They are too cute together!

Stay tuned for some video of Harris slip and sliding....that as a hoot! We'll put it up as soon as we get it uploaded to the computer.

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