Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lots Going On....

This post is going to be a little lengthy. We have done a lot of fun things the past week so we have a lot to blog about!

This past weekend we took Maddox to his first Air Show!! He LOVED it, we knew he would! The boy loves airplanes and helicopters! He also got to see police cars and motorcycles there, more things he loves. It was a rather warm day to be out but we had a great time.

Mother's Day was a really special day. Brian and Maddox cooked Jamie a great breakfast and made her a yummy cake! Then, at church we had Harris dedicated! What a special day! The rest of the afternoon was spent taking naps, something Jamie rarely gets to do! Here are the pictures from the dedication. It was our first time to bring Harris to church, we kept him with us the whole time and he did great!

Picture in the church bulletin:

Yesterday, Jamie Maddox and Harris, went to the zoo with some friends. It was a beautiful day! Maddox really enjoyed seeing all the animals. He was most fascinated with the geese, turtles, and the peacock, go figure! Forget that there were giraffes, a hippo, lions and many more exotics. All the kids had a great time. It was a fun way to get out of the house for a while.

Trying to take this picture was like hearding cats!

Today Maddox and Harris both had checkups. Here are the details:

At 2 years old he weighs 25lbs and is 33in tall. For those wondering, it puts him in the 15th-20th percentile, right where he has always been. He is right on schedule for everything!

At one month old he weighs 7lbs 9oz and is 20.5 inches long! He is in the 25th percentile. He is doing great and the Dr. said everything looks wonderful. We can definitely tell he is getting bigger and becoming more baby-ish and not so newborn.


Shell and Chris said...

wow-yall have had lots of fun lately. i hope we'll visit the zoo soon. you guys did a great job herding your "cats" for the photo.

Heather said...

what cuties! we'll have to go back to the zoo this summer...

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