Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can You Keep Up....

With all these blog posts???!!
We have been pretty good about posting lately especially considering we have 2 little boys taking up a lot of our time these days.
Hopefully we can keep up the regular posts and pictures since we know this is the only way some people get to see these adorable boys.

Maddox decided the picture needed to be only of him.....

Life at our house has been going pretty well. We are all adjusting well to having Harris around. Maddox is a great big brother and has recently been quite fascinated with Harris. His new things are changing diapers so he can see poo poos and taking Harris' clothes off. We also have to keep a watchful eye on Maddox to make sure he doesn't try to pick Harris up, since apparently that is a fun thing too.

Maddox will be 2 tomorrow!! Wow 2 years! He is such a blessing and such a 2 year old! He loves to be outside and would probably live out there if we let him....naked of course since being naked is another favorite past time of his. He talks constantly and repeats everything we say. He can throw a really good fit when he doesn't get his way. The fits are always fun when walking through a crowded store! Let's see what else?? He loves his Daddy and talks about him all day, Daddy is the first thing he asks about when he gets up from his nap. He likes taking care of his baby Harris and making sure baby Harris always has a clean diaper. We could go on and on about all the fun things he does. Two is such a fun age! We have a birthday party planned for this weekend so stay tuned for pictures from that.
He fell asleep reading before a nap...

Harris has been doing great! He'll be 3 weeks old tomorrow. He eats every 3 hours sleeps in between and is content as can be when he is awake. Everyone loves to tell us how much he looks like Maddox and how blonde his hair is! He sleeps as well as babies sleep at night. He is definitely not sleeping through the night...but most babies don't at 3 weeks.

Harris got his first bath this last week. We have learned that there are quite a few things you don't do quite as eagerly if at all with the second baby, a bath is one of these things. A newborn just isn't that dirty, a two year old on the other hand, is a whole other story. Harris did great in the tub and was just as content as can be.

Things are pretty much back to normal around here. Jamie is feeling great and has been since she had Harris. She takes the boys out on all the normal "outings" her and Maddox had before Harris. Getting around with two is not as hard as getting two out of the house. The boys both sleep at the same time during the day so Jamie has a great break for about 2 hours. That gives her time to relax and do some things around the house.

So that's life at our house......check back for more updates!


Shell and Chris said...

So glad you are enjoying your little boys. Harris is adorable. His hair looks close to the color of Preston's. Oh, and Preston has the same Curious George and sleeps with him too!

Heather said...

Can totally relate with the baths... just wait til it's the third!! :)

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