Thursday, October 04, 2007

Picture Problem!!

So we have been taking lots of pictures of Maddox for you all to see but, we cannot find the camera cable to download them onto the computer!!! It has been missing for several weeks which is why we have not posted in a long time. The search is still on for it!!
We do have one picture on the computer already that we thought we would share with everyone:

This baby is due April 23!! We are very excited! And to answer a few questions:
*Yes, Jamie has been very sick but seems to be getting a little better.
*We are about 11 weeks along.
*We will NOT be finding out what this baby is.
*We will not be sharing names until the birth.
*We will not be moving into a bigger house.
*Maddox and new baby will be almost exactly 2 years apart.
That should cover the ones that are on everyone's minds! If you have any others just ask!

Ok, now we are off to continue searching for the camera cable! Wish us luck!


Denise said...

Yippeeee! And I promise not to ask any of those questions you've already answered!

Shell and Chris said...

congrats! Hope you start feeling better soon since you're so close to that first trimester marker!

Crystal said...

Josiah is so excited about having another friend...can you imagine how HUMONGOUS their toddler room class is going to be?! We love y'all!

Sara said...


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