Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Birthday Fun!

Maddox had a great birthday!
His party was Saturday afternoon. He had a great time with all of his family and friends.
We got some good pictures of the event so we thought we would share.

Playing with chalk
Eating chalk

His first birthday cake! (Jamie made it!)

Opening Presents

By the time opening presents was over Maddox was beat! He had gone the whole day with only 30mins of nap so by the end of the party he was exhausted!
We learned that birthday parties are very exhausting for us too! We were also beat by the end of the day and we all slept very well that night.
Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures!
We are doing a good job with keeping up the blog lately! ;)

Love you all

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Denise said...

Yes, you are doing a good job updating! Give yourselves a hand! Thanks for all your help with baby things, guys!

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