Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Maddox wants to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

His MiMi sent him his Valentine's outfit to wear today. He got lots of comments about it while we were out and about!
We don't really do anything fancy for Valentine's day because we feel it is rather commercialized. Why do you have to have a special day to tell someone you love them why not do it everyday!! :)
We did get some yummy pizza for supper tonight and Jamie stopped by the bakery to pick us up some super chocolaty brownies. It was Maddox's first time to eat pizza and he really liked it! He decided he needed his own big piece. He also really liked the brownie but that was no surprise he likes any kind of dessert.

Maddox was sick again this past week. This time he had the croup. Thankfully he did not get a really bad case of it and only coughed for a few nights, we sure were scared that first night when he woke up with it. Croup is a nasty nasty thing. He does still have a runny nose and a cough but they seem to be clearing up a lot now. Hopefully this will be our last sickness and he can stay well for a while.

He has started a new thing where he says "uh oh" We say it to him when he drops something, falls, etc so he picked up on it. It's really cute and he goes around saying it all day. He doesn't put it into context but he does do a good job with saying it.

Not too much new is going on with him. He is finally getting back to normal after being sick. He has also started to get his appetite back after he had his battle with the stomach bug. It has taken a while for him to want solids again but he is slowly adding new things back to his diet like pizza! He is constantly on the move and loves to crawl around and follow us everywhere.

Well the little monster is calling it is now his bed time so we better run.
Hope you enjoy all the pictures!
Love you all!

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Shell and Chris said...

cute pics!
happy valentine's day. sorry yall have been so sick.
we ate pizza for valentine's too! Italian Pie, very yummy. We were all alone tho---we left Preston with Chris' parents.

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