Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So it was a little late!

So we said we would get a post up yesterday but as you can see that did not happen. We had traveled to Jamie's parents for the weekend and got back Monday. Apparently Maddox was having a hard time getting back into his routine yesterday. He was very cranky all day and just wanted to be held, this made it very hard to get a post up. But now here it is:

Happy late Thanksgiving to everyone!! We hope you all had a chance to be thankful for all the wonderful blessings God has placed in your life!

We spent Thanksgiving with Brian's family Thanksgiving day then the day after we headed down to Jamie's parents for a long weekend. We had a blast while we were there. We think Maddox had an especially good time because he got to be held a lot and passed around to whoever was willing to take him. Jamie's parents also let us get out for a while without Maddox. We went to one of our favorite places...Whole Foods! It was nice to be out and about for a little while without a little man attached to your arm.

Of course we had some great food over the thanksgiving holiday, it seems like we ate turkey for days on end, but it sure was good! And of course we indulged a lot on things we dont normally eat like cakes, pies, desserts, etc.
On Sunday we all helped put up Christmas lights, even Maddox. The weather was quite warm so Maddox hung out on a blanket in the front yard while we all helped out. The house looks great. We forgot to take a picture but take our word for it, it looks very classy.

We traveled back home on Monday. Thankfully Maddox had a great trip home and slept almost the entire time. The way to Jamie's parents was rough. He cried about 75% of the time and we made several stops and got caught in traffic twice. We were not sure how the trip home would go but it ended up being very pleasent.

Maddox has been doing great! He is starting to get on the move a lot more. He knows how to scoot around and is now starting to get up on his hands and knees. It wont be long before he is crawling. He loves getting into everything he is not supposed to have like plastic bags, paper, our food. If he wants it he is very fast at getting to it. We had to go through the house picking things up and moving wires and cords.

We are trying to get him to say Dada and Mama. He has said dada a couple times but not mama yet. It is really just babbling but it is fun to listen to!
He is not really interested in baby food. We offer it to him a lot but he just likes to take a few bites and then he is through. He is pretty hooked on his momma's milk so we will just stick to that until he starts to show some more interest in real food. He did enjoy a nice tootsie pop his Uncle E shared with him. He cried when we finally took it away, but not before we got some pictures first.

Still no teeth yet, everyone asks (or tells us) he is teething, but there are no teeth in sight.
There is not really a whole lot else that is going on with him. He is a great happy baby. He keeps us entertained and on our toes!

We are looking forward to Christmas. Friday we are going to get our Christmas tree and going to decorate! It will be our first Christmas as a little family! We plan on focusing on the real meaning of Christmas and will try not to get caught up in all the holiday shopping.

Well we will get another post up soon...promise. The posts have been too few lately and we know that some of you are just dying to see new pictures of Maddox and hear what has been going on.

We hope you all have a great week!

God Bless


Shell and Chris said...

Hey glad yall had a good thanksgiving.
Those are some cute pictures of Maddox.

Denise Cavin said...

I like that last picture of Maddox-he looks like he has a little blond mohawk! If I have a boy one day, I'm going to cut his hair like that on purpose (and then have to hear it from the grandparents!) I hope you guys enjoy your first Christmas as a family unit!!

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