Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Long Time No Post

So some of you are probably a little disgruntled because we have not posted in a while.....Sorry about that. With a little man who keeps us very busy it is often times hard to get a few minutes to write up a new post. Hopefully the pictures and video in this post will make up for the lack of post last week!

Maddox is officially on the move! He now knows how to scoot around. He uses his arms to pul himself where ever he wants to go. And the thing that got him moving.....a dog toy! He is in love with this dog toy that is an orange monster. Of course we never let him have it ;) But more recently he will scoot around for anything that catches his fancy. So it may be time to baby proof the house and vaccuum more than once a week. We caught it on video so you can watch him. In the video he was after a piece of mail.

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Maddox absoutely loves his baths. He started doing this new splashing thing while laying on his back. He'll get real stiff for a minute and then let loose, his arms and legs start flailing and water goes everywhere. He gets the biggest kick out of it and laughs and smiles afterwards. It is really a site to see. Maybe we will get it on video so you can all see our little fish.

Last week we were busy taking care of a friend who was in the hospital. Her and her husband are pregnant with a little boy some complications arose and she had to be on strict bed rest for a while so Maddox and Jamie went up to visit them and keep them company. Thankfully everything is going great for mom and baby and Maddox should have a new playmate in the spring!! Please pray for the couple and the baby, the mom is still on bedrest and may have to be for the rest of the pregnancy.

So, last week was a busy week. The weekend was more laid back. Friday night we had date night...we went out to eat at Wendy's for dinner as a family then we headed by the movie theater to pick up some popcorn then we went home put Maddox to bed and watched the Incredilbes......that is such a cute movie!
Saturday we went out to lunch with Brian's parents they got their Maddox fix for a while. Then we just had a relaxing afternoon at home. Sunday was church. Maddox did not make it in the nursery this week. :( But the ladies are amazed at how quickly he can turn the screaming off when his mom gets a hold of him ;) And as soon as Jamie got in there and was holding him, he turned and looked at those ladies and gave them the biggest smile...that little stinker! We went out to lunch with some friends after church and later in the evening we headed out to the park for a while. Maddox really likes the swings at the park.

Well next week is Thanksgiving! That sure did sneek up on us. We are planning to spend Thanksgiving Day with Brian's parents and then head over to Houston the day after and spend the weekend there and head home Monday. And while we are there we are hoping to get to have a visit with Jamie's cousin's Lisa and Julie....they are super excited about getting to meet Maddox!

For those of you in Lafayette don't worry we are planning a trip sometime in early December to come for a visit. During the holiday season our weekends get pretty packed but we are looking at some dates and will let you know as soon as we pick a weekend!

We hope you all have a blessed week!


Shell and Chris said...

finally a new post.
cool video. preston skipped the whole army scooting crawl. he's crawling now, but he's not very interested in it. he mostly tries to pull up and stand...little stinker.
we are camping for thanksgiving, and very excited about it.
hope to see yall in december.

Anonymous said...

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